Welcome to The Honeybee Linky! A weekly blog linky hosted by myself, Lucy, here at Me, Being Mummy .


Linkys are such a great way to gain exposure for your blog, discover fresh blog content for yourself to read and gather inspiration from, plus it also encourages us to get to know one another and strengthen the already awesome blogging community that we are all a part of.


I’ve named this linky after the Honeybee. Bees have a lot of symbolism to me personally. My late grandparents were always kind and gentle to bees. Wasps were another story, mind you, but bees were always respected and cared for. If one was trapped at a window, it would be carefully set free. If one was found sleepy, it would be given sugar water and even have it’s furry body stroked delicately with a fingertip until it was time to fly.


We bloggers are grafters. Parent bloggers, probably doubly so. Growing and nurturing a blog is no easy feat, especially with littles in tow, but we all keep going. We build our blogs with the same care and dedication as a Honeybee does its Hive, our content being akin to their liquid gold nectar.


So, enough with the metaphors! Here it is! The HoneyBee Linky. Read the information below before taking part and thank you so much for joining in, I can’t wait to read your posts!





  • You can link up to two posts each per week.
  • Comment on at least oneĀ of the Host’s Posts (because my posts like receiving bloggy love too!).
  • Please, please, please do NOT link and run. Please comment on the person’s blog who is linked in front of you as a bare minimum, the more comments we share the more we grow as bloggers!
  • This is a non themed linky, all posts are very welcome here! The more variety the better!
  • This linky shall run every Monday morning at 7am until Wednesday evening at 11.55pm.
  • Once you have linked up, please add the linky badge (see below) to either the bottom of your linked post or, even better, display it on the sidebar of your blogs home page to help us discover even more bloggers to share their talents with us.
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