Here is where introduce to my little family. I have always wanted children. My partner in crime and best friend is Paul and together we are raising two little boys, Teddy and George. Throw in a couple of cats and you have our brood. Here’s a little bit more about each of them.

Paul (nicknames Paulibear or PB)



Father to my children. Partner in crime. Best friend. Lighthouse in storms and forever my conscience. Soulmate through and through. Born with a congenital heart defect therefore a bonafide Heart Warrior. I couldn’t ask for a better person to share parenthood with and the boys have one awesome Daddy.






Teddy (nickname Teddybear)



Teddy is our first born. Golden curls and blue sky eyes. Cheeky, funny, gentle but also fiery. Born in May 2015 five weeks premature, he has always had us on our toes. He takes after myself a lot, a mini me in boy form.








George (nickname Growly George)


George is our youngest. The spitting image of his father with the same determination. Born in March 2017, he entered the world alert and hungry and has been the same ever since. Dark curls are forming and he has eyes like chocolate buttons.








The Fur-bies, Winnie and Fred


Winnie and Fred are the babies I had before I had real babies. She, a beautiful feline yet ruthless hunter as well as a secret lap cat. He, a useless hunter who brings in leaves and moss but who is very vocal and likes to drink water from the tap when we aren’t looking. Shameless lap cat and avid drooler.


We all live in a happy little house in the countryside just outside of the cosmopolitan City that is Brighton and Hove. We love our home, with its quirky decor and massive garden. The bird and mice population aren’t too happy about it though…