Welcome to Me, Being Mummy!



I initially started this blog as a keepsake project. It seemed the perfect way to record all the precious memories that we have made and continue to make as a family, especially as I have always been a keen writer and find it much easier to sit at a computer and document everything than keeping an actual scrap book with lots of sticky bits and fuss.



Over time, it has grown to be much more than a family scrap book. It is now a platform for me to speak about all kinds of things, ranging from my experiences as a Mum, to reviews and recommendations, to funny little posts about the giddying highs and crushing lows that come with being a parent.



All things I review get my own, unbiased opinion. I sometimes get sponsored to write a post but on such an occasion I shall always display a clear disclaimer within the article. Or show #AD in the title of a video. No secrets, no smoke and mirrors. Just good honest opinions from yours truly. I am by no means an expert when it comes to parenthood (who out there actually is?) and do not profess to know all about raising little ones.



All I can do is write from the heart and share my own experiences by writing posts, in a candid way, that (hopefully) shall feel as though I am right there talking with you. I do hope that you enjoy them, dear reader, and that you are more than willing to join in with the conversation.