Setting the Right Goals

There are so many people out there that have it sussed. Or at least are better at appearing to have it sussed than I do. Which, in fairness, isn’t too difficult seeing as I am the type of person to walk around with her top inside out all day and only realise when getting undressed to step into the shower before bed. 


Side note: Isn’t it a superstition that one shouldn’t correct an inside out garment in order to stave off bad luck? Or did I imagine that? 


I know, I know. I digress. 


Little Inner Cheerleader 


People who I deem to have their shit together are the ones that are uber organised, never in a flap, well put together, never scrabbling around their sofa cushions for loose change to pay for milk or using a baby wipe as a stand in for a 30 degree wash cycle. As I said, the people who generally appear to ‘have it all sussed’. 


I have NEVER been one of these people. And as much as I tell myself that I should just accept myself and all my short comings when it comes to the complex snakes and ladders world of Adulting, there is still that little stubborn arse part of me that proceeds to cheer lead about my head saying ‘Come on! We can do it! We can be IMPROVE! If they can do it, so can you!’. 


And that little pain in the arse voice gets even louder in my head come New Year, when it’s all about fresh starts and reinvention. 


Last year I wrote all about how I wasn’t going to pressurise myself with goals. I wanted to focus on the little things in life and be grateful for what I have without being distracted by what could be added. And that is exactly what I did. Just as well, seeing as the year descended into chaos with a house move and career change all at the same time. But, because I wasn’t putting any pressure on myself for other things, I was able to focus well on the tasks at hand. It was the best approach I could have taken. 


This year, things are much more settled than they have been in a very long time. We are happy in our home without any need to move hanging over our heads. We are both working and figuring out our schedules is getting much easier now. The boys are at a stage where they can play independently and give me some spare moments to catch up on my projects. But, I am still keeping the little cheerleader voice in check. 


What Goals Have I set? 

I decided to look at what has been annoying me the most in life, and that was basically organisation and maintaining focus. The two go hand in hand because I lack organisation, which means everything tends to descend into pure chaos and then my focus wanes because I get distracted and then overwhelmed. It’s a really annoying cycle! 

I figured that focusing on these two elements would eventually have a knock on effect to everything else… eventually. And, so far, I have actually been proven right. And it all started with one thing. 



The KonMari Method

This method created by Marie Kondo, seems to have divided the masses into three camps. One camp consists of the people who have never heard of her and look at me like I am about to try and sell them double glazing whenever I start to explain it to them. The second are the camp of people who have heard of her and guffaw at the idea of items ‘sparking joy’ whilst questioning just how long the art of tidying up can last amongst us.

Then there is the third group. A group I am happily nestled within. The group who have either read the book, watched the netflix series or both where Marie shares helpful tips and tricks on how to tidy and organise your life and set in motion a method that is maintainable and sure to change how you live.

I know it sounds a bit like a cult and I really don’t mean it to! It is basically a method that has motivated me to cull a lot of things we don’t need or use and turn them into space or cash, every cupboard/drawer/box/shelf is organised and functional. And I am enjoying being in my home now. Before it was a real source of stress and anxiety. Like a massive cloud over my head.

After just one week, I had organised everything to the point where it was impacting how our daily schedule went. I wasn’t running around in a stressy mood in the mornings, trying to find the various things we need to function during the day. We were all dressing well because we had discovered old items in our wardrobes that had been hidden within the chaos. We made £100 from selling unwanted items online (which leads to my other goal for this year in a second!) and we have all felt calmer since the clear out too. I sorted through all the boys toys and separated them into clear storage categories, ie. trains, cars, blocks, soft toys etc. At first I thought they may notice we had culled a good majority of their toys but, they actually got excited about the ones they could finally see lined up and they have been so good at playing ever since. All because everything is really clearly laid out and accessible. It’s so simple!

I’ll write a little bit more another time about how I have applied the KonMari Method to our home, but for now you can find her series on Netflix called ‘Marie Kondo: The Art of Tidying Up’ (be warned, I binge watched this series in just three days. Completely addictive!) and you can also find her book here on Amazon (I love having the book to hand as KonMari shares a little of her own experiences of tidying and it’s useful to refer back to if you come across items that leave you wondering where is best to put them.)



I am so over being skint. I know, as a country, it is a pretty much normal state of affairs nowadays. I recently heard someone asking to borrow just 1p in order to afford a loaf of bread recently. How can we be in such Dickensian times? Food banks overwhelmed? Homeless crammed o the streets?

I have never been astute with money and most of my pockets must have had holes burnt through them as it disappears almost instantly upon acquisition nowadays. It used to do so on magazines, beauty products and clothing sales whereas now it tends to vanish on petrol, groceries and Clarks shoes (kids feet grow bloody fast don’t they?!) but I have decided that this is the year to stop living like I haven’t got old age to prepare for and actually start being a responsible adult with my financial affairs.

The fact I have always been super shit with maths has never helped me in this arena. Nor the fact that being self employed adds an extra layer of pressure onto things as, unless you generate your salary yourself, it isn’t going to magically appear outside in a Pumpkin carriage courtesy of a Fairy Godmother.

To tackle this pressure and fear of numbers, I have decided to turn it into a sort of game. Every single penny that I can manage to save and leave untouched is thrilling. I know, I probably just need to get out more. But there really is a sense of achievement for seeing the total in your savings account grown instead of deplete. And that in turn can alleviate stress and worry. The long term goal for myself and my little family, that’s for sure.

I will be sharing tips and tricks for how I am saving money in the near future, I am just very new to it myself at the moment so want to hone my skills and do some trial and error practice before telling all. Like I said earlier though, culling unwanted items and selling them online was a real eye opener for us. I am addicted now. Before long the house will end up empty because I keep walking around like a Dickens character rustling up wares to sell whilst singing ‘Who Will Buy?’

And on that wonderful note, I will end my drivel right here as I have to go and make a budget friendly batch of enchiladas in time for PB to go on his night shift. Am also dragging the sprogs with me to my accountant appointment this evening. Neither he or they know about that though… hopefully both parties won’t mind and I can achieve working mum balance once again! Until next time…




  1. Nick
    January 22, 2019 / 7:08 am

    Great reading as usual Lucy. Straight from the heart as usual. XX

    • mebeingmummy
      January 26, 2019 / 10:52 pm

      Thank you Nick xxx I hope you’re enjoying being a Grandad! xxx

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