Join in with the Honeybee Linky #16!

Hi HoneyBee Linkers!

Hasn’t it been so nice to have some sunshine?! It’s also brought out lots of little bumblebees in the garden which has been so nice to see. I know a lot of people find the buzzing noise panic inducing but I find it strangely comforting and heart warming. They signal that the weather is warmer and the flowers are blooming. Paired with a lovely little Robin that keeps coming and eyeballing me from the garden fence every now and then, I feel well and truly ‘springy’… if there is such a term??!

This week I have mostly focussed on getting my blog admin up to date, writing up plans and frameworks for upcoming content and putting together a family update post which I have linked below. I realise that not everyone could give two hoots about what we are doing and how we are, for a moment I always refrain from writing updates as they feel almost self indulgent. But then I realise that they actually do gain a lot of views and are also lovely for myself to look back on over time so I have a word with myself to stop overthinking and then get stuck in with the writing. Anyone else here an over thinker?? Is that why we write? Maybe it comes with the territory… blogger goes hand in hand with procrastination or some such theory.

Anyway, enough of my musings! Link up what you can, when you can and I shall look forward to buzzing all about it! Have a great week! xxx


Are you on Pinterest? Me, Being Mummy has an Official Blog Board on Pinterest. There are also two boards in connection with this Linky. The HoneyBee Linky Board is tracking this Linky party and all the parties that are hosted. A good one to follow in order to ensure you don’t miss any! And The Best Bee Board is there to display all the bloggers who achieve the Featured Blogger #BestBee Badge.

Talking of whom…


I always love it when I can whole heartedly relate to a post. You know when, as you’re reading, you almost trip over the words with your eyes because you are reading them so quickly and get overwhelmed by the fact that someone else is writing what you are feeling? That. That feeling is worth so much and speaks so much volume for the amazing support that the blogging community gives to one another. This week’s Best Bee post The Mummy Juggle from Emma at Ettie and Me is a perfect example of such a post. The whole Mummy Juggle series is just so comforting and reassuring to read, emphasising the fact that it is ok to feel overwhelmed as Mums and that we are all just doing our very best to balance everything in our lives. Thank you for such a great concept Emma!


Me, Being Mummy

Bring on the linky!


Me, Being Mummy


  1. April 23, 2018 / 12:39 pm

    So good to see your linky back! #HoneyBeeLinky

  2. April 23, 2018 / 6:40 pm

    Thankyou so much for making me Best Bee this week. I know first hand how isolating and how much of a struggle returning back to work can be and I really hope the series can help other Mums realise they aren’t alone – and also hopefully provide some tips on how to strike a better balance. Honoured to be Best Bee xx

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