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It has been an absolute AGE since I last did a family update! Not that you are hanging on the edge of your seats wondering exactly how we are and what we’ve been doing though, I’m sure (how self centred would one have to be to assume such things?!). But, just in case you are interested in hearing our news or even finding out a little bit about us, keep reading… I’ve tried to keep things as concise as possible so that it doesn’t become mind numbingly boring for you!


Starting with the youngest of our bunch, and by far the craziest, George has recently turned 1! I can’t believe that we both reached and zoomed past this milestone as quickly as we have done. First time around the parenting track, you soak up and relish occasions with much more time, energy and enthusiasm at your disposal. Second time around, you realise that throwing that much time and energy at a 1 year old is actually not that necessary. We had a happy day celebrating George and his turning 1 by visiting the i360 in Brighton with close family and then we all came home for presents and cake. Lots of cake. It was brilliant.



He has been walking for almost 3 months now and has the cutest little cruiser shoes from Clarkes! He is climbing and running, making the funniest sounds to indicate what he wants and when he wants it and his single and therefore most favourite word is, of course, Mama.

His developmental review went well with the Health Visitor and he is on the 91st percentile for everything on their measuring charts. Myself and PB produce tall babies!

We have been plagued by the horror that is teething for what feels like forever now but has probably been since he was about 8 months old. Teddy barely suffered with his teeth, most I remember were one or two days of clingy behaviour and bright red cheeks. George, however, is inconsolable at times. Drooling excessively, angry nappy rash from constant poops and wanting to breastfeed for comfort a few times a night. Nightmare!

Talking of which, he refuses to sleep in his own bed and ending breastfeeding completely is proving to be a delayed task right now. Hopefully one day my mattress and my breasts will actually be mine again but, for now, I am sleeping on approx half a foot of bed space and still impersonating a dairy for small portions of the day and night. Go me!



Teddy turns 3 next month and in some ways it feels like it’s been longer than three years since he arrived in our lives. Mostly because we have packed so much into those three years! I look at him and then compare baby pictures and it’s heart thumpingly scary how fast our babies grow. Before me stands a little boy who I can barely carry anymore and yet it wasn’t that long ago that he was a little newborn asleep on my chest.

He is talking non stop, obsessed with all things numbers, shapes and twirlywoos and just the funniest and sweetest nature. He’s also inherited mine and PB’s artistic tendencies and loves drawing and painting. I love it…. The mess? Not so much!

He is getting closer and closer to potty training and we are trying to gauge when to go for it properly. We tried introducing him to a potty last summer and he was a bit overwhelmed by it. All his signals were pointing to ‘hell no!’ so I’m hoping this summer might be the right time.

Nursery is the next step for this little dude. We tried to send him for half a session a week a year or so ago and it proved to be too much for him. We also couldn’t afford to send him for more than half a session a week, which meant he wasn’t going regularly enough to get used to it and so we had to hold off until we could manage more for him. Nursery fees are just ridiculous and this country’s government does so little to help! He is ready to make friends and go on adventures (albeit mini ones!) without his parents around. Luckily we are in a position to send him properly now and I think (hope) it’s going to be a real boost for him to gain more independence and develop his lovely little personality even more!


As much as I’m sure he will cringe at me writing this, I couldn’t do a family update without including the man of the house. Or, should that be Bear of the Cave?

I’ve said this before, but PB is definitely my better half. The man amazes me. He recently received a big promotion at work. The interview process was lengthy and gruelling. He managed to study and prepare for it amongst two kids, an irrational woman and whilst still working his regular 12 hour shift pattern. And all with his heart condition loitering around in the peripheral, as it so often tends to do.

Said heart condition has been needing attention recently, lots of tests and scans have had to be run in order to collect data and show how his overall condition is coping. Which has meant numerous trips to St Thomas’s hospital in London, most of which he attended by himself but a couple were bolstered up by his brother and then myself and the kids for added support.

We had an appointment there just this week where a consultant brought together all the current test results and mostly it all came out good. The man is a medical marvel and my hero, in every sense of the word. He has a palliative condition, has had numerous surgeries and struggles with health since birth, was unable to even walk up stairs 7 years ago, survived pioneering surgery and now works to secure the safety and well being of others by working for our Ambulance service. All whilst putting family first. Forgive the outburst of love for the guy, but he is simply awe inspiring. I feel very lucky!


I have been running on a hypothetical treadmill since November of last year. I literally went from enjoying the end of my second maternity leave to interviewing for and then starting a new role as a senior stylist in a salon in Hove, all within about a week window of time.

The pressure of getting back into the swing of working on my feet, getting to know a whole team of girls (who have all worked together for years might I add… talk about daunting!) as well as getting to know new clients and how they wear their hair… all whilst still recovering from PND and PTSD… and caring for two toddlers, PB and running a home… Well. It’s been hard bloody work!

So hard that I didn’t have any time or energy left to tend to Me, Being Mummy. I’m still drained and overwhelmed but it isn’t making me want to go to bed at 9pm and shut off like it has been. Which is a relief because I have really missed my writing and fellow bloggers.

I suffered a lot with guilt and lack of self confidence as the time went by. I’ll have to write about it because I actually think that blogging breaks are more common than I initially realised. I was comparing myself to others who have just the same if not seemingly more stress than myself, yet who were still managing to upload and be engaging and share interesting content. And then I told myself to stop being so silly and quit paying attention to other people’s lawns instead of tending my own!

So I have been trying to do just that recently and, slowly but surely, it’s working. I am finally eating healthy and exercising more (time to lose the baby weight as my babies are toddlers now!) and I am gradually getting back into my blogging schedule with a whole load of exciting content ideas.

Juggling work with motherhood is always going to be a challenge. I am just learning to embrace that fact, give myself less of a hard time and focus more on what I am doing rather than what I’m not doing. So far it’s working really well!


*Now we are all up to date, I’ll be resuming our weekly updates to be published every Sunday at 8pm!


  1. Mrs Hible
    April 23, 2018 / 7:16 am

    Great to have you back 🙂 xx

  2. April 23, 2018 / 3:59 pm

    Love reading your updates! It’s reassuring to know I’ve not been the only one who’s taken their foot off the pedal with the blogging. I think we both disappeared and then reappeared at the same time! Looking forward to reading lots more.

  3. April 23, 2018 / 5:22 pm

    Such a lovely post they look so close in that pic. I love clarks shoes there so tiny and cute at first so expensive though xx #honeybeelinky

  4. April 23, 2018 / 8:36 pm

    I love a family update! 😀 don’t ever worry what others might think, this is your blog! Your little piece of the internet!

    Isn’t it scary how fast time goes!? Can’t believe your little dude is 1 already!
    Hope your man is doing okay! The hospital visits can be such a pain in the arse at times. It’s all for the best though!
    Can’t wait to read your next update! #honeybeelinky

  5. April 23, 2018 / 9:45 pm

    What a lovely post, its so nice to record the little updates that have happened in their lifes – even though finding the time can be near on impossible! So good to have you back and glad you’re settled in at your new job!! Also I had NO idea you were local to me! Im a Brighton girl too – well Hove but we live in the suburbs now haha x

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