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Hi Honeybee linkers!

I am currently writing this on my very temperamental, very sensitive and intensely frustrating tablet, due to the fact my teething baby decided to take his frustrations out on our Mac Magic Mouse this week and said computer mouse has given up the fight. Dead as a door nail and almost irreplaceable because Apple charge £80 for said magic mouse take two! So I shall be popping to Argos to buy a suitable stand in until we can afford to replace the real deal…. in around 2020.
I have spent the past hour trying to create a graphic on Canva on this tablet as well! I was all excited to find that I could use canva on here and then realised that some functions don’t work as well with a touch pad. Hence the very primitive graphic you see above. But! It is better than nothing and I gave myself literal brownie points for all the efforts it took to create.

Who would have thought that one could be so dependent upon a piece of technology?! It’s tragic really. The loss of the mouse of course, I’m unashamedly dependent upon all sorts of technology and just accept the fact! I’m a blogger. Tech is life!



Are you on Pinterest? Me, Being Mummy has an Official Blog Board on Pinterest. There are also two boards in connection with this Linky. The HoneyBee Linky Board is tracking this Linky party and all the parties that are hosted. A good one to follow in order to ensure you don’t miss any!  And The Best Bee Board is there to display all the bloggers who achieve the Featured Blogger #BestBee Badge.

Talking of whom…



This week’s Best Bee wrote about something that is very close to my heart. Mygrandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when I was around 11 years old and there was nothing out there to help explain to me what was going on. The kind and loving lady that was a massive part of my world became very distant and almost as unrecognizable to me as I was to her. I wish I had had a post like this to read during that vulnerable time. Jen from Mighty Mama Bear’s post Dealing with Dementia – A poem is just so beautiful. It truly touched my heart and made my inner 11 year old cry from feeling less alone. Well done Jen, please help yourself to the featured badge below! Her blog is awesome everyone, please do check out her other posts for more awesome posts.

Me, Being Mummy



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