Weekly Update #3: Family Time

We’ve struggled to find time together as just a family of four lately. PB works for the NHS Ambulance Service and his shifts are long and seemingly never ending. He gets good stints of time off usually, but when we were due to take a weekend break with some friends (that sadly fell through at the last minute!) he had to work a whole new rota in order to gain the time off. He got it the time, but then we all got ill with nasty viral infections and that time off was wasted, with us both acting as a tag team and negotiating ourselves around finding time to rest off the illness and mustering up the energy to still get out and do things with the kids. Then I went away with the boys and we were gone for a whole week so our little family felt a bit in need of some togetherness and fun time. 

Which is exactly what this week has been about. We went to the Airbourne Show in Eastbourne to watch all the planes loop the looping in the sky and we ate icecreams the size of our heads! 

It was bright and sunny, families filled the seafront to take in the sights in the air and we all arrived back home content and sleepy from all the fun. 

We’ve spent time with friends and visited family. Our friends in Littlehampton have just moved into a new house so we went to see them and had a walk along the harbour and ate fish and chips. 

We also ate fish and chips when we went to visit my mother in law too… typical British summer nosh! She put up a little Wendyhouse* for Teddy to play in and after I managed to cram myself into it, he soon saw the appeal and dived right in too. 

*Why are they called Wendyhouses?? Is it because of the character, Wendy, in Peter Pan? He built her a little house didn’t he?? 

PB and myself have also taken turns to allow the other to enjoy a night out each this week. He spent a night out with his work buddies and, from his hungover state in the morning, had a great time letting his hair down. I myself went out for dinner and drinks with some of my oldest girlfriends and made the most of leaving the house looking vaguely unmumsy, holding a clutch bag instead of a rucksack and with washed hair instead of a mum bun. Felt quite proud of myself to be honest. 

Note: Below is the only pic I got as documented evidence that I managed it out of the house looking presentable. Would have taken more but I was too enthralled with my mexican food and margaritas to remember. Bad blogger! It was great though… I have a tradition where on my first night out after having a baby, I go for mexican food and drink margaritas the size of a small dog. It’s my little pat on the back for all the hard work!

It has been a really lovely week that was much needed. We work, work, work and it has been nice to just chill and have a little bit of play time. 

The fish and chips, ice cream, meals out and drinks shall all need to be worked off over the next few weeks (months) but it was all totally worth it. Who has a week off and doesn’t indulge a little? 

Answer: Gwyneth Paltrow but ssssshhh, we’ll just ignore that. 

Additional information and findings for this week:

  • Pilots are just so brave. I was watching the airshow and trying to imagine what it takes to fly a plane and then perform tricks in it. I can just about stick to the highway code in a car so the mind boggles. 
  • We have started to wean George and he is loving it! Only little bits at the moment, I just wantrd to see if he is ready and he is so things will be being added to his feeding times over the next few weeks. He’s only 5 months old but I couldn’t hold out any longer. He was beginning to growl at us during meal times and attempting to steal food from our plates. How much more of a hint do we need?! 
  • Having PB home from work is just so nice. When he is on shifts, especially night time ones, it gets quite overwhelming and lonely for me. To have him home and have us all together has been lovely. 
  • Going out out still makes me anxious. I worry about what to wear, where to go and then suffer a dose of mummy guilt whilst I’m out. I shake it all off eventually but I miss the days where I would just get ready, go out and have a bloody good time without overthinking it. I have decided that the only way to get back to that mind set is to do more of it.  

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