Weekly Update #2: Sunshine, Adventures and Ice Cream

Sometimes the best decisions are made spontaneously. The way that things work out often leaves me wondering if we are all part of one big proverbial puppet show with someone, somewhere, pulling strings and navigating us around so that everything just falls into place.

We were initially meant to be going on holiday with some friends this summer. Unfortunately, the person we booked a cottage with on AirBnB sold their house two weeks before we were due to go and then just as we were looking for an alternative, one of my friends had a family emergency and could no longer make it.

Things were looking a bit hopeless, and then my family offered for us to tag along on their holiday instead. At first I wasn’t sure about accepting as poor PB had to work night shifts the whole week and it felt wrong being on holiday without him, especially after we had just missed out on us all going away. But, being the magnanimous gem that he is, he insisted myself and the boys should go and have some adventures.

So, I packed up the car (piecing a load of bags for life filled with a week’s worth of stuff for myself, a toddler and a baby was surprisingly not as taxing as I thought!) and off we went on our trip down to Dorset to meet my family. There was a big group of us that descended onto the sleepy countryside of the West Country which consisted of my Mum, my Uncle, Cousin, Sister, Brother in Law and niece and nephew. They were all there to meet and greet us after a 3.5 hour journey and a pretty stressful bit where my sat nav decided to give up at the 11th hour! We stayed in a cottage based in the quaint village of Wool and the set up was perfect for kids, with a massive field and woodland area immediately outside our decking that was all on one, flat level so we could all sit on the decking and watch the kids play in this huge amount of space.



Every day we were out doing things. Dorset is just crammed full of activities and things to do that are kid friendly not to mention full of stunning scenery.



We have always holidayed there, since just after I was born, so it is nice whenever we return as everything feels familiar and full of memories. It always strikes me as surreal that I was once a child enjoying the time there, and now I am retracing those times with my own babies. Funny how life repeats itself!



I would love to sit here and list absolutely every little memory and snippet of adventure that we all gained from the break, but it would literally turn into a novel. And myself and my family would probably be the only one’s interested in reading it!haha! We did so much every day… trips to farms, beaches, coves, shops, a fort, rivers… just so many great places. Suffice to say, we all had a really lovely time and gained some beautiful memories. The pictures speak for themselves…. 


Additional information and findings from this week:

  • Bags for life are the best way to go when trying to cram a lot of stuff into a small car. They hold a lot of luggage but they can easily squidge down behind seats and into footwells. My poor car was full to the brim and the passenger seat was piled high with stuff so that whenever we turned a roundabout, I had to hold my hand up to prevent it all from falling in my lap! We made it one piece there and back, its all good.
  • Wasps are the curse of summer. We all stopped off to have afternoon tea in a lovely little tea rooms, making our way outside to sit and enjoy the sunshine as we ate and drank. But we were accosted by so many wasps that we had to retreat and leave a lot of our food uneaten. They cause a lot of trouble, for something so little.
  • There is nothing more satisfying as a parent than to see your child settle into bed without a fuss after a long and adventurous day. My two slept so well after their dose of fresh air and activity everyday, both sighing contentedly in their sleep as well. It just makes you feel as if you’re winning at parenting doesn’t it? Your very happiness hinges on theirs, that is the deal!
  • If you go on holiday, do NOT forget to pack coats. Because, I did. We were really lucky as we managed to dodge rain and the majority of the holiday was sunny and clear but there was one evening where we all got caught in a downpour and I was sorely missing my raincoat with a hood!
  • There is nothing more helpful than having family around to supply extra eyes, arms and hands to look after your little ones. I was able to shower in peace, style my hair and apply makeup EVERY DAY this week, just because everyone was on hand to help me. It was so strange to spend so much time on myself, but then I suppose that is what a holiday is all about.
  • Being around his older cousins meant that Teddy really sped up his development this week. He is now saying a whole load of phrases and words that were all picked up from the holiday and he absolutely loved spending time around the older ones.
  • Loading and unloading a buggy, toddler and baby plus their baggage every day, multiple times a day, was more challenging than any gym membership. Especially when we visited Durdle Door and had to walk/climb up the cliff face to get there and back. Luckily my own cousin stepped in and pushed the buggy with both kids inside up the steep path otherwise I daresay I would still be there now!
  • Fish and Chips whilst on holiday always taste best. As does ice cream.









  1. August 22, 2017 / 5:36 pm

    Looks like an amazing place!

    • mebeingmummy
      August 22, 2017 / 8:38 pm

      It’s gorgeous there. Feels like my second home. xx

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