Please. Go to Sleep.

Our day started early, we went out to play.
Please go to sleep, its the end of the day.

The dishes are piled up in the sink,
Your screams are piercing, pushing me straight to the brink.

You’ve played with your cars and stacked up brick upon brick,
Stop screaming please, you’ll make yourself sick.

We watched some telly and played with your brother,
Please go to sleep… I feel like the world’s worst mother!

Said brother is snoozing all safe and snug,
But you refuse to snooze, just one last book, or a hug.

It’s the end of the day, the time I need rest.
And so do you my boy, but you just keep trying to test.

My patience, my sanity, test me right to the core.
Why don’t you just sleep and not cry anymore?

It is night time, you are safe at home in your bed.
Please go to sleep, rest your little blonde head.

If someone had told me it would be this bad,
I might have felt less inclined to go mad.

But they did warn me, I just chose to believe,
That with us it is different, something we could achieve.

A peaceful bedtime, no tears and no fuss.
Now look where denial has gotten us.

I’m sat here with head in my hands, no clue what to do.
With you in your cot turning the air all shades blue.

To the neighbours, I’m sorry, I’m trying all that I can.
Please don’t call out a removal van!

But no matter how many nights that you scream;
And thrash around refusing to dream.

I will still be here, with my love that runs forever deep.
But, darling, please. Please. Just go to sleep.

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