Blogmas Day 14: Unconventional Christmas Decorations

When it comes to decorating the Christmas tree, I am a complete control freak. I suffer from P.O.P.D – Perfect Ornament Placement Disorder to the highest degree…. and I come from a long line of sufferers. Even my Uncle was caught obsessively ‘tweaking’ his Christmas tree baubles the other day (clear your minds, I promise it was not as rude as it sounds!).
But, as I explained on Blogmas Day 1, this year has taught me to mellow a little and embrace the chaos. To not obsess over all the little details and to just enjoy the one big picture. And I’m so glad I have because this year’s tree, in all of its multi coloured mismatched glory, has got to be my most favourite tree to date… merely for the fact that is makes me smile and sometimes even laugh my head of every single time I walk past it and discover something new.
The joy of having a toddler around a christmas tree, is simply the fact that you never know what will happen next! It is a bonus to come into the room and find the tree still standing at all really, luckily BB hasn’t felt tempted to try and budge ours…. yet. But the baubles are regularly moved about. Sometimes even completely relocated to other places, as PB found out when he went to the fridge for some milk and came across a green, glittery bauble.
Certain modifications and additions make there way to the tree, as I found out when I discovered this teaspoon nestled in amongst the branches the other day.
So far we have also had a Twirlywoo figurine, a couple of foam bricks and two stacking cups. It’s more fun than opening the advent calendar for me! If I glance at the tree and don’t find any new additions I actually feel a small twinge of disappointment… complete turn around from the neat freak I was only last Christmas!
Roll on the day when I get to have homemade Christmas decorations made from dried pasta and popcorn on my tree. I’m looking forward to it with all my heart. Children truly do make Christmas.. it’s like they are the very magic themselves.

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