Blogmas Day 12: Baking Prep!

I’ve mentioned in posts before now that myself and my family are going to be having a baking day shortly before Christmas this year, a perfect way to spend time together that caters for keeping both kids and adults interested whilst getting the old festive cheer vibes up and running!

I’m really looking forward to it and to spending time all together, and hopefully we shall all feel triumphant in the yummy baked goods we make on the day. As a result of all the anticipation that is building before the day, I have been thinking of what I would like to make and squirrelling away a few baking bits in preparation.

I said the other day that Gingerbread Houses are off the menu this year. BUT! Gingerbread men I really enjoy making and they are always a huge favourite with kids too. From rolling the dough out, to cutting out the cute little shapes to then dressing them in their finery of little iced jackets, jelly tot buttons and candied faces. I also find the really therapeutic to bake as well, probably the repetition and creativity that acts as a distraction to all else that is going on.

Other ideas include making little Christmas Cupcakes and Shortbread Biscuits too. I came across these gorgeous little Cookie Cutters in Matalan when I found my Christmas Mugs the other day.

I love their shapes and design as well the fact that they have little handles to help equally little hands gain a good grip on them whilst cutting out their biscuits. Genius and really inexpensive. I also picked up some decorative edible cake decorations in Lidl a week ago, ranging from little penguins to presents with bows on. They will look very festive on top of cupcakes.

Less edible but still decorative are the little christmas themed cake topper flags in this cupcake baking set I bought in Matalan as well. The little cases have a really sweet design on them as well… I would link up to the site but unfortunately I don’t think they are available online. Keep an eye out in Matalan if you’re browsing any time before Christmas. It was so much fun picking these out!

Of course, I’m well aware that many cakes and biscuits will only last a small while before getting gobbled up by our brood. But it’s nice to know that, even for that short while, they shall all be dressed to impress!

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