Blogmas Day 9: Christmas Mugs!!!

There are a few things, with regards to homeware, that truly bring me great joy in life. I have absolutely no idea why, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but these small things always grab my attention and I simply have no control over my urge to purchase more and more. I am of course talking about the following:

  • Cushions – so many designs and textures and colours. A room filled from wall to wall and almost up to the ceiling of cushions would be my happy place. Like a grown up girlie version of a ball pit.
  • Throws – to go with all the cushions and for all snuggle purposes. Especially essential on sick days/hungover days/times of the month and Christmas. 
  • Candles – Cosy ambient lighting, nuff said. Add a heady scent into one and I am yours forever. 
  • Stationary – I’m a blogger and obsessive list keeper. If I run out of stationary I actually hyperventilate and come out in hives*
  • Mugs and cups –  which is hilarious as I don’t drink tea or coffee but I have an OH, friends and family that do so they are still very much needed, plus I am a huge fan of hot chocolate! After all, what else besides wine can one drink whilst amid copious amounts of cushions and throws?
So, I found myself purchasing these two beauties today! 

Yes, they are novelty. Yes, I will look daft if I go to serve someone tea in them when July comes round. Yes, I have many other mugs and cups already residing in my kitchen cupboards. 
It isn’t everyday you get the chance to purchase a penguin or a snowman to drink your hot beverage out of is it? And hey, it’s Christmas! 

*Hyperventilation and hives are pure guesses at what would happen if I ran out of stationary because, of course, I have never allowed myself to do so. And never shall! 

Disclaimer: Matalan Christmas Novelty Mugs £4 each in store only as unfortunately, I can’t find them online! I was not sponsored to review these items. 

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