Me Being Mummy Blogmas Day 5 This Year’s Special Decoration

I am a HUGE sentimentalist. I once read about this lovely tradition regarding Christmas Tree Decorations. You buy one decoration for your child each year, then on the Christmas that they move out and are in their own home with their own Christmas Tree, you then make them a gift of all the decorations you have accumulated for them over the years and they shall have a wonderful start to their very own tree ornament collection. One that is full of symbolism and magic from memorable Christmases as a family and a building block for them to then add on their own offsprings ornaments, should the idea take their fancy.

Therefore, each year, a new decoration is accumulated. My Mum actually likes to be involved and this year we were out shopping and she came across this cute little guy in Asda:

Not only is he sparkly and wearing a Santa’s outfit, but this teddy is symbolic to our son because, of course, BB’s name is in actual fact: Teddy. Plus, my mum being the one buying it for him means the sentimental aspect is two fold across two generations. There may well be a day in the very distant future, when I am a guest at my son’s home, marvelling at his Christmas tree, and I will come across this reminder of how myself and my Mum chose him this ornament whilst he was a toddler, wedged in the seat of a trolley at a busy supermarket, looking bemused and eating a wotsit. 
See… sentimental, through and through. 

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