Me, Being Mummy: 26 Weeks Pregnant!

I have seen so many pregnancy update videos where the mums who are giving their updates look so well put together… hair and makeup immaculate, real clothes on instead of comfy loungewear with lovely back drops on that make you both want to listen about their pregnancy and then ask for tips on interiors!

I, am most definitely not so refined. If I tried to be so well poised and put together, I don’t think these updates would even be happening and I would rather upload something than nothing because in reality, I am memory making for the time in my life when pregnancy is no longer on my life’s horizon and snippets like these will bring it all back to me.

So here is this week’s update, complete with fit inducing christmas tree lights, not a scrap of makeup and last year’s penguin themed pyjamas! It’s been a week of pain! I have a problem with my pelvis and the ligaments holding it together so shall be seeking advice about that over the coming weeks and in the mean time trying to embrace the fact that I walk like Jemima Puddleduck would with constipation. My tummy feels stretched to the max already and I have had to sit down several times this week over a panicky feeling that my bump could literally split in half! Completely irrational thinking but, hey, that is my constant state of thinking these days! Lots of other snippets to enjoy so I won’t prattle on and ruin the update, grab a cuppa, potentially prepare yourself for a giggle and watch the update below…

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