Me, Being Mummy Blogmas Day 2: Baking Cookies!

I love baking. Ever since I was little in my Nan’s kitchen, wearing a pinny and feeling really important because I was in charge of stirring… it has just been a happy pass time for me. And it has even more happiness involved with it now because I get to do it with my own little helper.
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Chocolate chip fiend!
Although I must admit, the majority of the time my little helper’s idea of help simply meant reaching into the mixing bowl to eat the chocolate chips. Ha!
We have a proper Christmas baking day planned nearer Christmas Day, and are still in the process of planning exactly what to make… but this afternoon after a particularly sleepy day heralded by the dreaded enamel war that is teething, it seemed to make sense to do a relaxing and non strenuous activity so I googled chocolate chip cookie recipes and hey presto! We were off. 
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No better sight than cookies about to enter the oven is there? 
I’ll link the recipe we used here in case you’d like to attempt it yourself, they turned out a little bit cake like but they were still delicious! Now all I have to do is find the will power not to munch the whole lot down in front of the telly this evening…
Oh sod it, it’s Christmas!
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Little round offerings of yum!

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