Me, Being Mummy : Weeks 60 – 72 Catch Up

If you’ve read my last post, you will have heard the very exciting news that we are expecting baby no2 in March 2017 (which means pregnancy posts are also on the way!). So, due to the fact I spent my first trimester pretty much in bed resembling a cast member from the walking dead, I was unable to keep up with my weekly update posts.. boohoo!
And, in true procrastinating style, every time I felt inclined to put pen to paper – or, rather,  finger tips to keyboard – I would panic at the sheer amount of things that have been happening with Teddy, and at home over the summer, and with work… yadda yadda yadda!
So I am going to do bullet points. In the hopes this post won’t turn into a novel and that you, dear reader, won’t lose the will to live. Here goes:


  • I’m 30! My birthday was at the end of July and PB put his all into arranging a huge surprise party for me with all my friends and family coming to celebrate. At the time I was around 6 weeks pregnant and after A LOT of people offering me a glass of birthday bubbly, we had to do a little announcement to account for my uncharacteristically sober approach to proceedings. It was an amazing day and came at the end of a particularly down, sickly and hormonal week so I was well and truly boosted to be surrounded by so much love and friendship. Plus, I am SO excited to be heading into my 3rd decade of life! Something tells me it is going to be full of adventures!
  • Work had to be put on hold for a lot of the summer due to my pregnancy symptoms kicking me to the ground alongside looking after a now very active 16 month old BB. As I said, I shall soon be coming up with pregnancy updates and all things baby No2, but for now let me just say that the first trimester was absolutely hideous and I pretty much spent it in bed or on the sofa. I felt very ill, very low and like a failure as a mum/fiancé/friend/professional… just all round pants to be honest. Which is why it is SO nice to FINALLY have some energy back and be able to get back to being more proactive….. and less zombie!


  • I am bloody huge. Humongous! Already. Or at least it feels that’s way. Thank god Autumn is here and I no longer feel bad for avoiding the beach for fear that someone may try and help me back into the sea and get me to dive over a rock wall or something.


  • PB has been working so bloody hard and received a well deserved promotion this summer! Am so proud of him and in truth, a little bit envious of the fact that he seems to be able to take everything in his stride. The guy never loses his cool, always maintains a happy outlook on things and can work a 12 hour shift, do a food shop and then do the bath and bed time routine complete with laughter and fun without breaking a sweat. And all on top of a heart condition. Seriously. I feel like a wimp in comparison!


  • Hell may have frozen over and pigs may be flying as I have consented to PB getting himself a train set for his birthday. Nope, not a little plastic circle of track with Thomas the Tank Engine circling around it. A real, grown up (kinda), made from scratch (literally… he scraped my elbow when we drove home with a massive sheet of MDF), N – gauge (get a load of me and my usually crap listening skills?!!) train set complete with electricity and…. stuff.




  • Talking of trains, this kid is literally steaming ahead. He suddenly decided to stand up by himself one day in early August. Then, after a couple of weeks being able to stand without falling on his face, he escalated to lifting one foot and stepping sideways. Once this was mastered, we finally got 3 steps from him! Well… I say we, it was actually his child minder (typical!) who witnessed the first steps, but as soon as I got him home, myself and PB were on the sofa and all of a sudden he just cruised by us and crossed the room as if he has been doing it since the day I got him here. Excited doesn’t cover it. We whooped and cheered and cuddled and sent out messages to family! As a result, he didn’t walk again for a week.


  • In relation to walking, we acquired his first pair of shoes from Clarks a few weeks ago and they have been well received. I was anxious he would spend all of his time taking them off but he only tends to do that if we are in the car. And if he’s hungry. For some reason he finds the velcro straps rather tasty. Maybe he can tell leather isn’t a far cry from steak…


  • Talking is another new development lately. Words that are regularly attempted (I can’t say he’s officially said them yet as only we can tell what they are!) include: ‘up’, ‘bub-bye’, ‘bath’, ‘bag’, ‘purple’, ‘ta’ in the form of a primitive ‘thank you’, ‘Dada’ and ‘yay’. As a result, we are making the most of peace and quiet before the non stop chattering commences!
  • Paint and Play! Along with the madness of consenting to a train set, I have also found myself attending a weekly mother and baby session called ‘Paint and Play’. It’s basically a sports hall in a leisure centre that has all sorts of activities from painting to soft play, and I go for an hour each week and let Teddy charge about the place whilst I follow him like some demented shadow. It’s the first time I have found anything like this remotely fun and I think it’s comfortable because it’s a spacious and bright area, there’s lots to do and requires no sitting about in a circle feeling like a class A prat plus I’m not required to sing any songs about wheels on buses going round or spiders being Incy Wincy and climbing up spouts. Perfect!


  • We are also working towards Teddy feeding himself independently but I must admit that this has to happen when:
A) we have around an hour to spend on a meal time
B) The meal in question doesn’t contain Weetabix/Porridge Oats/tomatoes.
C) I have the energy to hoover/wash floors/change clothing/redecorate after the mealtime.
So… a slow process but progress is being made…. kinda…
And that’s pretty much it I think… phew. Am glad to finally be all caught up, here’s to getting back into the weekly swing of things!

Note: When I say ‘Cheers’ I am obviously imagining raising a glass of crisp and cold pinot grigio and not actually drinking it in person. I know the odd one in pregnancy allegedly won’t hurt but, I’m of Irish blood. Having ‘only one glass’ would be nigh on impossible and potentially worse than having none at all!

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