Me, Being Mummy: Week 50 Toys

When I was pregnant, one of my biggest fears (aside from experiencing an episiotomy or finishing work for my maternity) was that I would have to share my living room with toys.

The thought of me sitting trying to watch telly whilst sitting amongst a variety of brightly coloured kiddy objects made me wince. I take real pride in my home and it’s appearance – not to the dizzying high standards of ideal homes magazine (does anyone actually live in those properties??) but I have a place for everything and everything in it’s place.
Or at least I did.

Our son is crawling and therefore things are in a constant state of topsy turvy. Toys are upended everywhere, I now know that scatter cushions seriously can scatter EVERYWHERE and every now and then, various things such as the TV remotes or PB’s gaming controllers will end up underfoot too.

Back in pregnancy days, I resolved to the fact that toys would enter the house and that they could be kept neat and tidy in BB’s room and also in a nice toy chest or storage bin or something that could tie in with the living room.
Wrong again.
We have several stacking ring themed toys (which I must confess I absolutely love to play with!), almost the entire cast of the Twirly woos (still working on acting out the entire theme song for BB when collection is complete) and a huge variety of stuffed toys which I have to say, leave me wondering if the Bear Factory would like to sponsor our home as an addition to the franchise. Ha!
I managed to dig out one of my big magazine rack/bucket storage things which sufficed as toy storage… for about a week. Then new additions were made and my old foot stool came in to help with it’s hidden storage. That soon wouldn’t shut anymore so PB and I went out in search of a proper toy chest.
Which is when we found our lovely toy chest that is a brightly coloured box seat with two pillars either side that have been fashioned to look like pencils (super cute and from a store called B&M for just £16.99). It looked huge in the picture on the box, with a little boys of BB’s age standing next to it. I should have known it was actually going to be quite small because trying to use BB’s size and age to get an idea of measurements is such a silly thing to do because he still my little elephant. But, it still fits quite a lot of small toys in, and it’s a great way of keeping all the small bits of puzzles in one place together. So between the three different places, we are managing to store stuff quite well.

Note: my OCD side is definitely known if I have a piece to a puzzle or a stacking ring toy go missing. I snapped at PB the other night because ‘the small red ring is MISSING!’ and he was ‘not taking it seriously!’ so he had to rationalise with me that it is in the house and not to panic. I found it under the sofa along with a spoon, 3 socks and a selections of plastic balls from BB’s ball pit.

Note the top two teddies … who knows what they have been getting up to when we have been out of the room?!
Am pretty sure we would all have this expression if the Hulk felt amorous…. 

So between the three different places, we are managing to store stuff quite well. Heaven forbid if we acquire big toys like toy kitchens or drum kits or chalk boards though. Those things are huge?! As it is, we have his rain forest jumperoo in the middle of the room and that trips me up daily.

But, despite being taken over and injured by all the toys, puzzles and books that are about the place, I have actually grown to like them being around. It is still a bit distracting trying to watch Game of Thrones whilst Great Big Who is sat staring at me across the room and, as I have mentioned, keeping little bits and bobs intact can render me to seem like Cruella Deville as she’s crashing her car. But I love playing with BB and showing him how they all work and seeing his face light up over something. They are all well loved toys and get used everyday so I also think along the lines of Toy Story and imagine what happens when we leave the room. I bet they all come to life and discuss how the day has been and what we have all been up to and chill out in front of the log burner discussing how BB is coming along with his developments…
It’s official, I’m nuts but harmless!
Additional information and findings from this week:

– Grass grows faster than hair. We had a guy come mow the lawn and he said it will need doing every two weeks. As a hairdresser, this feels like I am being taken for a ride so am going to be a rebel and have it done every 3. Am in the wrong business and should go cut lawns!
– BB is crawling about all the time now, but only stays on our living room rug because as soon as he tries to crawl on the wooden floor he becomes Bambi on ice.
– Crawling is not enough for BB. Now we are onto trying to stand up. If he can reach up and find something sturdy enough to hold onto and pull himself up, then he is determined to do so.
– We are planning BB’S first birthday which is happening next week. I’m even more excited about this than when my own birthday comes round!
– I am tentatively going to announce that BB is now sleeping through!! Finally! Just as I was about to lose my sanity! He is sleeping from 7.30pm til 5am and even then we go in and change him and give a bottle and he will go back off until 8am. Bliss!! As a result we don’t look so dead. Hurrah!

Note: well and truly jinxed myself now so am expecting to sleep only 3 hours tonight.  Dammit! 

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