Moving House with a Baby – Do’s and Don’t’s

Moving house is right up there on the stress list of life – somewhere between divorce and death of a loved one…. most possibly because moving house can cause the other two to happen…. Add a teething baby into the mix and you have one helluva challenge on your hands! Speaking from experience, I thought I would list a handy mix of do’ and don’t’s to help anyone else brave (or stupid) enough to attempt it!

Do – Hire a moving firm. I know, I know, money. But money well spent and the mind (plus body) is at ease when the worry of lifting things on and off a van/lorry is metaphorically lifted off of your shoulders.
Don’t – Wait until the last minute to book them…. they get booked up really quickly and sometimes shopping around for quotes puts you at a disadvantage.

Do – Stock up on parcel tape, sharpie pens and a couple of pairs of scissors. Always have spares because when you can count on socks/hair pins/hair ties going missing in an organised household, some pens and scissors are definitely going to be misplaced while fighting through a cardboard box jungle.
Don’t – Underestimate how many boxes you will need. If it is square and made of cardboard, grab it. Incidentally, don’t buy them! Go to your nearest supermarket late at night when they are stocking the shelves and take them off their hands.

Do – Pack all Baby things last!
Don’t – Pack all of Baby’s things up with the rest of the household stuff and fool yourself into thinking you have been super organised because when you really need that spare set of pjs or a winter coat then you will spend an hour feeling grumpy and trawling through boxes to locate them again.

Do – Accept help…. even ask for it if you have to!
Don’t – Be proud and self sacrificing, believing that you are being an inconvenience by asking or accepting the offer from those around you who are willing to help.

Do – Order a takeaway.
Don’t – Insist of being Martha Stewart and attempt to cook from a half packed kitchen. Stress, burnt food offerings and a load of cleaning up aren’t conducive to a happy move. Get a Nando’s or a Chinese. Moving is an exciting time! Just have a treat and put your feet up. Or pack more boxes whilst waiting for the delivery….

Do – Keep to a routine.
Don’t – Lose focus on Baby, no matter how frustrating it is to tear yourself away from the to do list and mountain of belongings that need sorting through and packing. Keep up with nap times, feeding times, bath times and bed times. It’s reassuring for them and it’s a welcome break for you. Nothing like a bit of baby time to chill out a moving stress head!

Do – Put bin bags over your clothes whilst keeping them on the hangers and neatly fold all clothes in drawers and wrap them with cling film so they can be transported without being emptied. Saves so much trouble at the other end and prevents creasing!
Don’t – Randomly stuff clothes into bin bags and boxes. You’ll have a hard time sorting through them and will be standing ironing things when you could be catching up on Netflix!

Do – Make Lists
Don’t – Try and store all information in your head or even in your phone. You will find yourself stuck in a place without either reception or battery, your mind a blank from overload and there will be nothing to refer to for order in the chaos. Lists are our friend.

Do – Pack as if you were going away. Fill a suitcase with a fully packed set of clothes, pjs, makeup bag and toiletries.
Don’t – Leave everything in boxes and spend the best part of 3 days without a change of clothes, tooth brush, hair brush or mascara. You end up resembling a cast member from Walking Dead….

Do – Look on ebay and second hand furniture stores.
Don’t – Convince yourself that everything has to be brand new. There are so many gorgeous treasures to be found on ebay and in shops, plus you feel good for giving unwanted items a new home. We managed to get two book shelves, a lamp, a table and 4 chairs for under £200 and they are all fantastic!

Good luck if you are moving house (with or without a baby in tow!) and I hope you found this useful. If you have any helpful suggestions on moving house then comment below and share the advice!


  1. August 30, 2017 / 7:25 pm

    This is great! Should have read this before we moved with our toddler!

    • mebeingmummy
      August 31, 2017 / 12:19 am

      Oh bless you! Keep my suggestions to refer back to but for now buy some wine and just sit. That will be enough to start Moving house is stressful. Moving house with a toddler?? TORTURE! xx

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