Me, Being Mummy : Week 39 – Magic Moments

I almost got caught up in all the shitty-ness of this week. Moving house pushed both myself and PB to the point of exhaustion, an endless task of packing up our cars and ferrying the last bits of random crap from our old place into our new one and then enduring the nervous torture that is the end of tenancy clean where you suddenly realise how you can leave a mark on a place…. or (as PB found whilst repainting our old hallway) several marks.
Plus we got ill with a virus. I say virus but this seemed to be the mother f**ker of all viruses in the history of mankind, leaving us in some limbo between a standard head cold and full blown bronchial flu. We all had it, and were even nice enough to share it with some family members as a means of saying thank you for their help with proceedings. Turns out, germs are the one of the things it is acceptable not to share with others.
So in amongst the sweat, snot, BB’s  teething tears and a considerable lack of quality sleep, it was easy to become a bit grinchy and negative. And then, as is a common occurrence since having a baby, a few little moments happened this week that shone through like treasure!
Number 1 was that BB got his top two front teeth through at the same time. I had a moment of panic when it looked as though one was brown and rotting (NOTE: The moment was in fact an hour, I was on google looking up tooth decay treatments and wasn’t just panicked but also mortified, almost hysterical… one of the handful of times I have actually lost my senses… ahem…) but after putting BB down for a nap (purely for my own motive) I managed to investigate and in fact it was simply the scabby remnants of the gum that had been covering the tooth. Gross, I know, but I’m sharing it as I had no idea this happened to babies. Totally makes sense though, my naive assumption that the teeth just slot into place like lego can’t be farther from the truth…
Number 2, BB LOVES the Twirlywoos. For anyone not familiar with the delights of Cbeebies, the Twirlywoos is a programme about a family of bird like plasticine looking characters who sail into land on a boat to explore different subjects such as ‘out’ or ‘down’. I know… riveting stuff. They are cute, something of a cross between a Turkey and Pingu. And BB can’t get enough of them. He watches them whilst I watch him, and seeing his face light up with spontaneous laughter and wonder makes my face do the same. 9 months ago he couldn’t even see a short distance in front of him. Now he is interacting with TV characters and popping enamel up like daisies?!
Then we have number 3, he is now trying to play with me and PB and loves music more than ever. He lunges at us whilst babbling away and tries to ‘eat’ us (best way I can describe it) and he grabs EVERYTHING! My glasses, the remote, the shopping list whilst at the supermarket… sometimes I put his big, puffy bomber jacket on just to immobilise him for a moment’s thought! He’s always been into music but now we have a new game as opposed to just sing alongs. I was known for dancing around the living room like a lunatic before I was pregnant and a mother, so now I do it with a single audience member who babbles and shouts and grins at me with excitement whenever I get up to bust out some moves. I did a rather interesting rendition of Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ routine this evening and he loved it, and even got bounced around on my hip for the encore song ‘Love on Top’. Pure memory gold!
And finally, number 3 was when BB had his first trip around the supermarket in the big boy seat of the trolley!! I had to pad him out with blankets to wedge him in properly and he was possibly the youngest baby in the whole shop sat in the contraption, but it had to be done because he doesn’t fit in the recliner type bit of the trolley anymore. He managed it brilliantly though (whilst chewing my list) and playing with the random crinkly packets I threw his way every now and again. Plus I talked to him for reassurance the whole time…. for him and for me! I chattered away and kept him updated on what was next on the list and at one point gave him a biscuit to ward off lunch time grumbles. I came away feeling ridiculously proud. If I had died right then and I’d been asked at the pearly gates why I was so happy, I’d have told them ‘my son sat happily in the big boy trolley seat for the duration of an ENTIRE food shop!’. I would have probably even ventured a hi five….. and been left hanging most likely.
Clearly as excited as me… ha!
Additional information and findings from this week :
– Trying to sleep with a bad cold is hard. Throw in a teething baby who is also suffering with said cold and it’s nigh on impossible.
– End of Tenancy cleaning is tiring, frustrating and also sad. I walked through the clean and empty rooms of our old flat and said goodbye in my head to each of them. I’ve been renting for almost a decade of my life and yet I still get so attached to each brick and piece of mortar that I am lucky enough to dwell in. But I remind myself that the buildings are just shells, home is in the heart.
– This week we have gone through 3 packs of strepsils,  a pack of paracetamol, 1 jar of Vicks, 1 bottle of calpol, 1 bottle of honey, 2 lemons and about 5000 tissues.
– Working back on my feet as and hairdresser is a culture shock after months of sofa lounging in front of Cbeebies. But it feels great to be moving again!
– Do not give yourself a hard time for letting your child watch TV. Controversial I know, but on a wobbly day where I questioned myself on how much BB sits pointed at the box in the corner, I realised how educational the programmes are with their songs, bright colours and endless stream of knowledge and information. Not to mention, we as adults spend a ridiculous percentage of our day pointed at screens and still manage to function fine. We go out almost every day on some errand or another, we play and interact with him all the time and the TV is there for the times I need to put a wash on or unpack shopping…. or have a horrendous virus. Have you ever tried not having the TV on in the back ground whilst at home?? It sounds like you’re in a morgue.

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