Me, Being Mummy Turns 1!

Hi Guys!

One year ago today, I shifted my blossoming bump and billowing bottom around on the sofa cushions, found a comfy spot to nestle into and then opened up the laptop to start writing. And all of a sudden, Me, Being Mummy was born. And wow… what a year it’s been?!

Motherhood was always on the horizon for me. I used to push prams and be frustrated at the fact that there wasn’t an actual live being in it and soon enough opted out of using plastic dolls, upgrading to my grandmother’s obliging cat Pixie on more than one occasion. Baby clothes have always made my ovaries flex and all the babbling, gurgling and giggling the little tubs of goo create warms me to the core.

And here I am, hurtling along life’s highway with a ‘Baby on Board’ sticker proudly on display in the back window of my soul. This blog is my project, my hobby, my documentation and my scrapbook from week 18 of pregnancy all the way through to present day. I will show it to our baby (or babies… eek?!) one day and they will have a written record of as much of their life as I could physically keep. It also helps me remember the little things and gives me perspective through the big ones. Of course, not everything gets put down… mostly out of lack of time to write, protection for the privacy of us Bears plus a disinclination to bore anyone reading this with the in and out details of what we had for dinner last night and/or the row we had over who sleeps the least and works the most. So dull!

If you have been reading this from the beginning then I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for supporting a new mummy with her incessant and at times incoherent ramblings. Thank you for every comment, like, retweet, follow and subscription. I’m not exaggerating when I say this blog has helped keep me sane for the past year. Motherhood is a big deal, a scary deal, and having this little nook to flex my (ever shrinking) brain and vent off/reflect/rant/share all my musings with has helped maintain my focus through a lot of the fuzzy and stressful times.

Long may I continue to find time… and brain cells… to keep going. Grab your nearest wine glass/tea cup/coffee mug/takeaway polystyrene cup/shot glass/drink dispensing device and raise it to another year! CHEERS!xx

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