Me, Being Mummy: Week 33 – Brand New Year

Hi Guys!

2016!! I love January for its optimism, motivation and hope. A brand new beginning to a brand new year! I always envisage it as the first page of a book, all crisp and clean, ready for anything to be written. Then you start, and your handwriting is super duper neat and fancy, then somewhere along the line, things become a little bit frantic and the writing gets messier and messier until you can either no longer make sense of the scribble or you just stop writing it altogether.

This year, I am going to endeavour to maintain my neat handwriting for as long as possible… basically, I am going to endeavour to stick to the hopes and goals that I have been contemplating over the past 48 hours for as long as possible. Health and happiness are top priority, as well as quality time with my man and boy. I am guilty of getting swept up in life’s little, menial details and as a result, miss the beauty of the complete and bigger picture.

2015 has been amazing. I began it with a bump, growing a little person who is now happily snoozing away in his cot as I type this. If I think in depth about all this year has brought me, it feels as though the time has spanned a decade as opposed to just 365 days! I have learnt so much and grown so much as a person too. And I owe it all to my little family. To PB for being beside me, and for our awesome little boy, who has easily made this the best year of my life so far.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year – fresh starts, hopes, dreams, happiness, hard work and a lot of lovely adventures! I can’t wait, can you?!

Additional information and findings from this week:

– The days between Christmas and New Year are bizarre in the sense that you never know which one is which. Its a misty haze of leftovers, chocolate, booze and bad telly. But oh, it’s so lovely. 
– We spent a couple of these misty days at Grandad Steve and Nanny Tracy’s (PB’s Dad and his wife’s) house, just chilling out and watching copious amounts of GBBO re-runs. Tracy cooked up a storm, Steve showed Teddy all of his latest projects whilst myself and PB had some much needed down time. 

– We saw in the New Year like most parents…  by putting baby to bed, wrapping ourselves up on the sofa with a curry and watching a boxset (The Affair). It was perfect.
– Baby is getting more and more confident with his rolling and sitting up. He loves sitting in his highchair (more like a throne really) and watches me cook and wash up with as much gusto as I have whilst watching netflix. He loves throwing anything I place before him onto the floor, mostly because of the noise it makes and the fact I have to bend and pick it up each time. I have the last laugh though…  I managed to find a toy with a suction cup that holds it in place on highchair trays and table tops. Haha! Boom. 
– Another little endeavour of mine for this coming year is to be more organised and on the ball with my time management. I have purchased a family organiser, a pocket diary and various notebooks to help me keep track of things. Wish me luck! 

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