Me, Being Mummy: Week 31 – All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth!

Hi Guys!

After what feels like an eternity of crying, pain, Rudolph red cheeks and a LOT of dribble… BABY FINALLY HAS HIS FIRST TOOTH!

In true Mummy style, upon finding the little sharp edge nestled into the soft pink ledge of his lower gum, I felt elated and immensely proud. How ridiculous to feel such strong emotion about a seemingly insignificant thing?! But, it took around 6 weeks at least to show itself, along with a lot of restless nights, Calpol and exhausting distraction techniques. He, of course, has no idea of the milestone he’s reached, although I have caught him running his tongue over it a lot by way of curious investigation.

Milestones are funny things. They are reached without you really being able to pinpoint when and where. You notice the beginnings of them, but it takes gradual practice, time and patience for them to be perfected and as a result, being able to pin point the exact moment they have been reached is impossible. But, with this tooth, it has been so sudden and definite that I know the date (17/12/15 to be precise!) and can treasure that forever.

This week has actually been busy with lots of milestones and developments. Along with a new tooth, he has also really begun to master holding his bottle on his own. Lots of clumsy attempts have been had, mostly with the teat ending up in his eye, up his nose or in his ear. But perseverance is something that babies have in abundance, and he now manages to feed himself for long bursts of time during almost every feed. I, of course, began feeling proud and elated at this new found skill, soon to start panicking that he will no longer need me and be moving out next week! The term ‘Time flies’ comes to mind…

Independence is in sight!

I myself have reached a milestone this week as well. After years of toying with the idea and tentatively researching into the possibility of it happening, I grabbed the bull by the horns and enrolled in a makeup artistry course and passed with flying colours! I am now a fully qualified makeup artist and shall be adding that to my services in the New Year.

NOTE: I am a hairdresser by trade… thought it best to say. If I ever mention the words ‘clients’ and ‘services’, please don’t think I am a lady of the night. Especially if I write about blow dries…. it is NOT a typo.

Peekaboo is another development that has been popular this week. I have been bobbing up and down (see above NOTE for assurance) like a deranged meerkat so many times with an inane grin on my face, just to evoke more of the delightful giggles that he sends my way. Why babies find the process of hiding and then not hiding oneself so hilarious I don’t know and I don’t care. I will make myself look a complete prat just to see his face light up, because (and I am going to be seriously puke inducing here) when it does, my whole world lights up. I could win the lottery, clean up at the roulette table and pick the winner of the Grand National and still not be as rich as I am in my role as his Mother. Why else would I find a tooth, holding a bottle unaided and peekaboo so bloody fantastic?!

Additional information and findings from this week:

– Tackling the shops a week before Christmas with a baby, whilst carrying shopping bags, wrapping paper, baby luggage and a rucksack… well, it’s just pure hell.
– Would like to apologise to the 20+ people I managed to joust with said wrapping paper. I hope I didn’t administer any paper cuts but if you see a deranged mum heading towards you with a small country on wheels, just give her some room ok?
– Christmas preparations before baby were stressful. With a baby, they are just non existent. Which is actually even more stress inducing. Christmas cards are yet to be written, presents aren’t wrapped (and in some cases, not even bought yet, eeeek!) and the Turkey might be a ready meal from a petrol station at this rate.
– After spending a lovely day at a Spa with my work girlies at the beginning of the week, I came home to find my living room full to the brim with a newly acquired ball pit and possibly the hugest high chair known to man. Because it was bought… by a man. We need to move from our 1.5 bedroom cave and seek more room at the inn (ha! See what I did there?!) but in the words of Scarlet from Gone with the Wind, ‘I’m not going to think about that now… I’ll think about that tomorrow’.

NOTE: Said Ball pit is something that shall be grown into as upon putting baby in it, he simply freaked out at the avalanche of plastic balls that descended onto his head. But the high chair is amazing. Lots of height settings, padding for comfort and a seat that can be reclined. Not sure how I will get on with cleaning it when he is feeding himself but again, Scarlet had the best coping strategy. 

– I attended my first ever nativity as an audience member by seeing my 2.5 year old nephew in his Nursery production. 25 songs, 1 interval and a very hot donkey costume later, I can now appreciate how much hard work goes into a group of small humans singing festive tunes. Baby slept the whole way through, and the pride we all felt in my nephew and his graceful (hehe!) interpretation of Mary’s transport was enough to make us all quite tearful. 

Including him. He was pulled off stage due to a (literal) meltdown 5 songs from the end and rescued by his Mum (my older sister) who duly released him from his hide and doused him with water. Again, literally, he got quite animated with the water bottle. Memo to nursery staff, donkey costumes + stage lighting = overheated, overtired toddler. 
-PB bought Baby a light saber toothbrush so that he can have his solitary nugget of bone scrubbed in true geek style. The force is strong in our family. 

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