Me, Being Mummy : Week 29 – O’ Christmas Tree, O’s Christmas Tree….

Hi Guys!
For the first year in what feels like a long time, I am truly excited about Christmas and December as a whole! They say having children renews your enthusiasm for all things festive and I can totally see why…. even if our ball of babe doesn’t exactly understand why there’s suddenly a 6 foot tree in the living room with random sparkly bits on it.
To be honest, he hasn’t even registered it, despite us ‘ooo-ing’ and ‘aaaahhh-ing’ over it umpteen times a day. I even got him right up close to see what he thought of all the glitz and jingly bits, just in case he’d missed their specialness from across the room in his bouncer.
I got nothing. Nada. Just a look of ‘Errrr…. what…..? ‘.
Totally underwhelmed… 
Babies are amazing splodges of human and their ‘First’ of anything is an important sentiment to whomever created them. It’s like a little speck of magic and if you’re lucky enough to be present and soak up that second when they experience something for the first time, it instantly gives you a feeling of pride and privilege. You also go out of your way to make said ‘first’ as perfect as possible. It’s just a funny coincidence that most of the firsts seem to be more poignant for you than it is for them and usually go the complete opposite of perfect!
And this week, the tree is one example of this happening. I had a picture perfect post card view of us all, putting the tree up as a family, hot chocolate being sipped by myself and PB whilst Teddy watched on in a mixture of awe and glee as we created this wonderful display of foliage adorned with twinkle lights and tinsel. Bing Crosby would be playing in the background, Jimmy Stewart would be hanging out with an Angel on the telly talking about bells ringing and the living room would be spotless, candle lit and serene….
Instead there were boxes everywhere, cats were being tripped over, bits of tree and tinsel stuck to our socks and ended up on the floor of every room, I yelped when a begrudging creepy crawly came out of his cardboard box home which everything had been stored in from out in the shed for the past year and Teddy got bored every 2 minutes until I gave him an empty nappies wrapper to play with (it was all I had to hand that was crinkly and not going on the tree!). Mr Tumble was cheerfully singing ‘Hello, hello, how are you?!’ in the background (trust Cbeebies to have impeccably ironic timing!) and PB was half asleep due to an emergency 4am Aptamil Milk Formula run to the supermarket from earlier that morning.
But, I stopped myself from feeling all the pressures of perfection and reminded myself to stop forcing things. I remain buoyant and full of joy to be celebrating the build up to ‘His First Christmas’. It may not be hallmark card perfect. He may not have (for now) realised the symbolism of the amazing spectacle that is our tree, but when he does take interest, I will be there encouraging his fascination and wonder with all my might and wishing that a little bit of it rubs off. Because it somehow leaves us as we grow older. We become bored and accustomed to things so that they lose their value a lot of the time…. or we unwisely place the value on things that really shouldn’t be given any. Having everything be picturesque, perfect and ideal isn’t what firsts, seconds, thirds…. even thousandths should be about. It is about enjoying the moment you are in, and imprinting it on your memory so that you don’t forget how it feels to have magic in your life.
Peter Pan was a clever kid. He was certainly onto something when he was so averse to growing up. And Christmas is the perfect time to be just that… a Big Kid!
More is more when it comes to our tree…!
Teddy’s first Christmas Decoration is Rudolph! Can you spot him amongst the multitude of ornaments?!
Additional information and findings from this week :

– Mr Tumble is extremely educational. Have learnt how to sign ‘Red Squirrel’ AND ‘Pier’ this week. Teddy just chews his fist whenever it comes on…. not sure what sign that makes. Could just be concentration. Or that he wishes to eat Mr Tumble.
– Incidentally, the theme tune of Mr Tumble ‘s Out and About is catchy. It’s got  definite ear worm potential.
– Our Christmas tree is atleast 25 years old which possibly makes it my oldest heir loom. Every year I hold my breath to see if it is able to still stand or if it’s gone bald but it holds on with steadfast determination.
– You can NEVER have too many Christmas ornaments on your tree. Careful placement and planning isn’t for me. If there’s a space, I’m hanging something pretty and sparkly on it!
– Baby is enjoying his new ability of sitting up where possible and is wriggling and rolling about with as much determination that the tree posesses… Ironically, they both have the same life goal of being able to stand upright.
– Weetabix is a yummy breakfast food. It could also make good for DIY around the house because once dried, it sticks to anything and everything and literally only moves if you chip it off in manner of pneumatic drill.
-Talking of sticking…. Gingerbread houses are a bitch to stick together. Icing is not up to the job and I shall never get back the hour of my life that I spent trying to build a structure out of a biscuit. I ate one wall out of defeat, then chucked the rest in the bin out of protest.
Conspiracy Theory: The people who make gingerbread house kits know the first one will fail miserably, causing you to eat it for comfort and then go back to purchase another out of sheer determination to not be outdone by a food product. See?! Double the profits!

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