Me, Being Mummy Review : Organix Baby Porridge

I am finding weaning so much fun. Watching Baby try different foods has been so entertaining and the Organix Baby Porridge has been a massive hit!

They are an all natural brand using only natural (and believe it or not, organic!ha!) ingredients with a huge variety of flavour combinations. It’s simple to make, you just pour out the porridge into a dish and mix it with your baby’s milk of choice until it’s the desired consistency and there you have it, an easy and healthy breakfast for your growing little bundle. We’ve tried Banana and Mango, Fruity Apple, Banana and Strawberry and most recently, this Multigrain Porridge. I’ve not dared to have a taste of it myself, I have a very irrational phobia of tasting baby food. But it smells nice and Baby wolfs it down by the bowlful!
Which is quite ironic seeing as we call him Baby Bear…. Goldilocks probably wouldn’t think that this brand is ‘Just right’ though.

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