Pre Baby vs Post Baby #3 : Getting in and out of the car

Pre Baby:

Walk up to car. Unlock car. Get in car. Drive off. Get to destination. Park car. Get out of car. Lock car. Walk away.

Post Baby:

Struggle up to car carrying umpteen bags and pushing tank like trolley, I mean, buggy. Unlock car then find somewhere to put keys as you unload bags from trolley/buggy into front passenger seat. Open back door and then hoof car seat (loaded to the brim with 23.2lbs of baby) onto rear passenger seat. Sing a cheery song to deflect need for tears from infant (and self) whilst struggling to buckle seat belt straps in place around life saving piece of plastic and fabric. Manage to get the clicks heard before full on set of frustration tears flow in protest of being retained in (rather snug now) car seat, slam all doors, grab buggy and collapse it before throwing it into the boot. Attempt to shut boot but realise wheel is in way. Squish wheel in as far as possible and attempt to close boot again. Repeat until successful. Once successful, jump into driver’s seat and drive off. Crying ceases upon turning on of engine so spend journey catching breath. Reach destination, park car whilst leaving as much space either side and behind vehicle for manoeuvring all required paraphernalia. Get out of car, unpack buggy and get baby out of car seat. Put baby in buggy, praying not to wake baby, then close back passenger door and open front passenger door to grab bags. Hook bags over buggy handle (ignoring warning label telling one not to do so), lock car and walk away.


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