Me, Being Mummy: Week 26 – Busy bees and HALF WAY THROUGH THE 1ST YEAR!

Hi Guys!

This week has been mega jam packed with things to do, which is most probably why I am now sat on the sofa with a chest infection after zooming around like someone who has 12 hours sleep a night and time to herself as opposed to being a full time mummy who squeezes 5001 activities into a 24 hour day and just can’t let ANYTHING go!

We’ve been to a 1920’s party, visited family, had a health visitor check up and started doing a massive clear out to make a bit more room to move about in our little cave. Pair all that up with maintaining two blogs, redesigning my business website, creating videos for youtube and starting the ball rolling for returning to work plus an event in December and a whole new exciting project lined up for next week and yup, my life plate seems to be piled high at the moment! I have been a glutton at the proverbial all you can eat buffet of ‘LIFE’ and am preparing for some serious indigestion.

But, regardless of the busyness, my main stay and priority is always the little beaming face of our Baby Bear. All other stresses retreat when he and I are together, plus I have an amazingly supportive partner in PB and am grateful for our little family unit everyday. Teddy is now 6 months old and I simply can’t believe it. So much happens in such little time, your head spins when you look back over the months and then the mind boggles at what another 6 will bring along with it. That is why, regardless of life’s stresses and turbulences, I try to remind myself to keep cool and be present within motherhood.

Changes occur so quickly and before you know it, little moments that you wish you could keep in your pocket forever to peek at, vanish like burst little bubbles and you wonder where the hell they went. I have SO many pictures and am ‘one of those’ snap happy mums who document even the tiniest movement, but I do it to prevent the regret of not doing it. Same goes for this blog really. So many times I have been tired and needed sleep, or my toast has burnt from a neglectfully prolonged stay in the toaster or my hot chocolate has turned into a cold one, all because I am sat typing away. But I do it for my future moments of nostalgia, as well as for Teddy to look upon as his story through my eyes. It is the most detailed and thorough baby book I could think of really.

‘Little moments that you wish you could keep in your pocket forever to peek at…’

This week’s health visitor appointment was well timed to document his progress, but as usual I didn’t enjoy it. I always dread seeing her. I know that technically, she is here to help, and that it isn’t a test, but she always asks so many probing questions about his development, weight, height, daily routine, night time routine, likes and dislikes (seriously, the list goes on for miles!) so that by the end of the appointment, I feel as though I have been dissected and assessed to within an inch of my motherly existence and usually feel quite unsure of myself. She always finishes with ‘And… do you have any questions?… thoughts?… Feelings?’. Then I feel like I am in an interview with Alan Sugar and should offer something up in case she thinks I’m not taking things seriously.

Things weren’t helped this time by the fact that she weighed Teddy and informed us that he is ‘in an entire zone of his own’ and ‘abnormally large’. I smiled politely but inside I flared up! Of course he is bigger! His father is 6″4 and his mother is almost 5’8 and he comes from tall stock on both sides. I have never expected to produce a small, delicate little bundle and I don’t like all the generalisation that happens with babies anyway. Who wants to be ‘normal’ and ‘average’? How can you apply such words to beautiful creations who obtain their very existence from all walks of life? Why do we strive so hard to all be the bloody same? I certainly don’t appreciate my beautiful baby boy being referred to as abnormal. She said it with a smile and half giggle… which made me feel like Mrs Jumbo in Dumbo… and PB thinks that she looked slightly at a loss of what to say and do. I was happy to show her out and get back to feeling normal as opposed to a circus act.

*NOTE: Despite being surprised, she did assure us that Teddy is a happy and healthy baby and is completely in proportion. He is just quote ‘a big boy’. So no, we don’t over feed him, we don’t force feed him and he isn’t a piglet…. although he does obviously love his food*

Perhaps I’m taking it too personally and getting all Mummy Bear defensive, but when you create a life, then nurture it with all you are worth, any criticism or ill worded comment tends to stick in you like a cactus and it is hard to be rational. I am actually please he is so big and healthy… he skipped 5 weeks in the womb oven so ran the risk of being slightly under baked! Plus I am currently poorly and due on in a week so shall pop out to buy a packet of chocolate buttons and sit in my comfiest pjs after I have written this…. anyone else rant whilst ill/in the throws of hormonal surges?? Can sense there will be multiple nods of agreement!

Bouncing baby boy! (incidentally, this bouncer is designed for up to 9months old…)

Additional information and findings from this week:

– Baby had his first successful time eating his dinner in a Bugaboo seat. We attempted it a few weeks ago but met protestations and tears but this week we managed a good few meal times in it. He tends to slowly lean over to the side as his posture weakens with tiredness but no tears happen. He’s too busy eating his grub and playing with my measuring spoons to care about silly things like a spinal column.
– Health visitors should be renamed ‘Mother assessors’. 
– I am extremely sensitive to criticism as a mother… well…. no… anything… just in general actually. *comfort eats chocolate buttons*
– Baby is happiest when rolling around on the floor, sitting on us being bounced about and any situation that involves observing other human beings. And cats. 
– I need to remember not to play rough after meal times… it gets messy… and smelly. 
– The bear cave is crammed full of stuff. I dread opening cupboards for fear of being buried alive in a landslide of towels, clothing, arts and crafts, makeup and shoes!
– Dressing up for a 1920’s party is super fun! Sequins are amazing and should be worn at all times. Although everyone wearing a head dress were itching to take them off by the end of the night. Literally. 
– Teething is a hellish beast for all involved. We have thrown gels, powders and Calpol at it but it still rages at us. Baby’s cheeks double up as hand warmers when they glow red. He’ll look quite festive come December. 
– Calpol doesn’t taste like it used to. Neither do Skips. 
– Am avoiding all baby festive outfits until nearer Dec 25th… if anything, to ensure that they fit!
– Mummy brain is a REAL thing. And is extremely upsetting/embarrassing at times. I forgot my much loved Uncle’s birthday and was mortified when I found out! He thought I was mad at him for something because its so unlike me, so that was even worse! I made it up to him with a belated birthday card (couldn’t find a ‘Sorry, my brain is fried’ one) and wine plus our BT login so he can watch sport whenever he pleases. I’ve also lost a week somewhere along the line by thinking October goes longer than the 31st and made a completely insensitive and unpatriotic fool of myself in the chemist when I asked what the date was on the 11th of Nov (there was an elderly man behind me, I cringed and almost curtseyed in panic… like all the poppies weren’t a big hint?!). 


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    …I am ridiculously excited about seeing Sprout's Christmas outfit.

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    Me too! I've seen a super cute knitted vest with snowmen on it already. Have a feeling it's gonna be hard to choose!xx

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