Me, Being Mummy : Week 25 – Party Goers!

Hi Guys!
This post is going to divide people I think. Some will want to pat me on the back and give me a stiff drink as well as a celebratory cigar; whilst others will wonder what the hell I was thinking and pick up the phone to call social services or This morning or something.
I took Baby to a Party. Not a little afternoon soiree or a small get together in someone’s home. A proper, big, loud, grown up surprise party. With party poppers and all things big and exciting (can you tell I was pumped to get out of the house and interact?)!!
It was no easy feat let me tell you. I think I began getting us ready around 3pm and the party started at 7.30pm. And that was even with packing the baby bag the night before, laying out my party clothes and sterilising every bottle I could find.
Baby is teething and was not in the best of moods as a result, poor bean, so he was crabby all afternoon. His tummy suffers with it so he refluxed his dinner over his pjs 4 times before we could leave the house and screamed at me as I tottered down the road in heels with a walk that could rival Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost.
I’ll admit I felt guilty at that point. I’ve looked at babies who are awake and crying in buggies on night buses before and thought ‘that Baby should be in bed asleep!’ but as soon as I got him in his car seat and sat next to him whilst he suckled at his night time bottle, he drifted off into a deep and happy slumber in mere minutes. I realised his protestations were simply for not being quick enough with the bottle and nothing to do with his surroundings or destination. In fact, he cared not a hoot about either of them and went off quicker in his car seat than he does in his cot!
Said destination was one of my best friend’s surprise 30th birthday party and despite having my babysitting plans fall through and PB’S night shift being swapped at work, I was determined to go and see her face when she walked into the room. Incidentally I almost ruined it by arriving approximately 30 seconds before the birthday girl did. Oops.
I believe the expression is ‘Sleeping like a baby’.

And Baby stayed asleep the entire time. He woke up briefly when everyone belted out ‘Surprise!!’ followed with cheering and party poppers but after a brief glance around the room with a small expression of bemusement, he nestled back down and slept happily throughout the entirety of the do. I managed a glass of wine and 2 soft drinks, a lovely catch up with my nearest and dearest friends before bringing 3 said friends back to ours for a small night cap.
Ironically Baby woke up in the calm car journey on the way home so our night cap was more of a nightmare because I had to bop in and out of the bedroom trying to settle baby back into slumber. He’s recently learnt how to (sort of) roll over and decided that attempting it in his cot at midnight was a great idea! I managed a bedtime of 1.40am, the latest in months, possibly the whole year! Or the earliest…. whichever way you look at it.
Love this girl!
Additional information and findings from this week :
– Babies sleep through some very loud things but also wake up at very small things. Keep reminding myself that it is all down to chance a lot of the time.
– Going it alone to a big function is either exceptionally brave or exceptionally stupid. As mine was a success, I’m going with brave… and lucky.
– Walking into an expectant group of people who are standing around in the dark, brandishing party poppers, is possibly the most intimidating and daunting experience I have had in a long time. Unless you count the lift full of peeved mother’s and buggies in town today….
– Friends are the best thing ever. Don’t give up on them or ignore them just because you have a baby. Involve them. Welcome them into your new adventure. Your baby will love them just as much as you do and they will be a sort of extended family that you have carefully selected over the years. Mine mean the world to me.
– Seeing a best friend’s face light up with happiness is awesome.
– Teeth are something that God should have worked on during the 7th day. If motherhood doesn’t provide a day off, surely Creation is a project that should have taken a little more attention to detail. He should have also sorted out Cancer. Idiot.
*Note: above statement is said in jest, no haters please.*
– I have managed to be peed on 3 times this week. It’s almost like he’s holding fire before taking aim. The laundry pile is of Everest proportion and every radiator has an outfit.
– Going to bed at 1.40am is harmless… unless you have to get up with Baby at 7am. Then you feel like someone has repeatedly hit you in the face with their shoe for the main part of the day.
– Witnessing your baby start to roll over fills you with so much pride and joy that your heart feels like a shaken up coca cola! I cried. Don’t judge me.

Heart just fizzed right over!
– It also makes you realise that it is a step nearer towards mobility. Shit. 
– Do not feel that having a baby means you can’t do things you normally would have done before they were born. Yes it takes adjustment. Yes it’s hard. Yes not ALL situations are ideal for a baby. But a lot of the time its possible with a bit of effort. Hard work reaps the biggest achievements and it also gets baby used to a whole array of environments. All you need is a little bit of flexibility and a mutual trust in each other that you are both safe and everything will turn out just fine. *turns on Beyonce ‘s Independent Woman*.

You Baby Me Mummy


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