Yummy Super Easy Pumpkin Cupcake Recipe for Halloween

What with running around after baby, starting to take the odd booking for work here and there and writing my blog projects, I almost missed the fun of Halloween!
My family were never really one’s for celebrating All Hallows Eve. Carving pumpkins were deemed too much effort and mess, trick or treating was branded as dangerous begging and I think the most adventurous I have ever been with dressing up was being a pretty bog standard black cat. Not the sexy kind either… more of the awkward, slightly scared looking type you’d see on one of those ‘sponsor me’ ads. Shudder.
True to form, I vowed I would get into the spirit of things this year but every time I’ve tried to get down the Halloween themed aisle in Asda with the buggy, it was so packed with excited children and weary/cranky witch like Mum’s (and they weren’t even dressed up….) I shied away and put it off until boom, here we are just a day away from THE day and I had nothing.
So… I bought my first ever pumpkin. I was going to do a carving video but I’ve never carved one before so didn’t really want to catch myself being a prat on camera…
But! I can bake. And I hate waste. So I found a super duper easy peasy pumpkin cupcake recipe and put together this little video. If you like carrot cake you will love these. Recipe is linked below the video. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy!! 

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