Me, Being Mummy: Week 24 – Road trip!

Hi Guys!
We were road trippers this week, making our way up to Liverpool for the weekend with a car load of crap and a baby wedged into his car seat. We were invited up to celebrate our lovely friend Chris’s Stag and Doe Do (why does The Sound of Music always come to mind??) and despite not being able to go out for the evening shenanigans, myself and baby still tagged along to keep PB company and blow away the cobwebs.
As usual with all things ‘parenting’, organisation proved to be the key to functionality, and we were up late the night before we left, packing bags and setting things out for the morning. Does anyone else do that? I don’t usually lay out my clothes, shoes and have even my handbag all packed and ready but it really did help things go smoothly.
Baby Bear woke up like clock work at 4.30am, so we fed him, packed up the car, got dressed and were on the road by 5.30am. I’ve invented a new sport called ‘Car Yoga’… all you need is a jam packed vehicle that you have to twist and contort your body in order to make it into your seat.
I can’t actually remember much of the journey because I myself am just like babies and pass out into slumber due to the lull of a humming engine. We stopped off half way for breakfast… I know that much. Baby Bear and I woke up as soon as the engine stopped and I fed him porridge whilst PB fetched us sandwiches and hot chocolate. Then we were off again and the next thing myself and Baby Bear knew, it was 10.30am and we were in Liverpool One’s car park, doing ‘Car Yoga’ again and unfolding ourselves from the car.
Engine off, Baby eats.
Engine on, Baby sleeps.

NOTE: In order to gain back lost sleep, get someone to drive you and baby around for the day. You both literally sleep like a baby.
We hit the mothership of the high street that is Primark (I have never seen such an amazing selection of stuff and could have been lost in there forever!) and a few other shops, stopped off for lunch at Bar Burrito (we NEED one in Brighton pronto) and enjoyed a spot of people watching whilst we ate (Liverpool is THE place to spot all sorts of fashion and beauty statements!). PB had a very proud moment where he purchased Baby his first ever Liverpool Kit (it has his name and birthday on the back, I get the cuteness but it still hasn’t made me a football fan) and before long we were checking in to our hotel for the night.
PB left for his night out as I put Baby Bear down for the night in his travel cot and to my surprise and relief, he didn’t take long to drift off to sleep at all. We stayed at a Premiere Inn and the room was big and spacious, with a deep bath so I had a lovely soak with a magazine, watched Strictly Come Dancing and snuggled up in bed with the fluffy white duvet billowing out around me like a marshmallow.
PB stumbled home in the small hours, and I just about remember him drunkenly offering me a tub of Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream whilst dressed in a rainbow cowboy hat and a pink shot glass necklace which was sporting a plastic penis in the middle of it…. I must have been out for the count because I didn’t have even the smallest lick (of ice cream or plastic penis) yet I did, however, manage an urgent whisper of ‘Don’t wake him up!’ after PB stumbled around trying to find his side of the bed….
We woke up and spent the morning getting Baby sorted and packed up and then met the slightly hungover Stag and Does down at the Albert Dock for a drink before all heading back homeward bound. Again, I carried out my ‘Car Yoga’ and again, myself and Baby Bear passed out for the majority of the trip and before long we were pulling up outside home and being greeted by two happy feline faces.
I marvel at how rested I felt after such a jam packed trip but it was a great change of scenery and you know what they say:
‘A change is as good as a rest’.
That…. and collectively I spent around 13 hours asleep in the car…..
Additional information and findings from this week :

-Bar Burrito serves heaven wrapped up in a floury tortilla.
– Primark in Brighton is shockingly shite. They need to rethink their stock big time. However, the one in Liverpool is where dreams are made.
– Baby loves watching the goings on of people whilst we go round the shops. His big blue eyes open up wide and his mouth gapes open in pure wonderment. I hope it lasts…
– I have now mastered the art of food shopping with a baby by overcoming my anxiety of using the baby seats in the trolley. The flimsy piece of grey plastic that attempts to resemble a car seat is in fact rather stable and surprisingly robust. It manages to contain all 23lbs of Teddy at least…. even if he does spill over the edges of it a tad…
– Elastic waistbands on Baby’s trousers always look too tight. I worry that he’s uncomfortable 99% of the day. The other 1% he spends naked on his changing mat just before bath time.
– Said nakedness ritual each evening feels like a gambling thrill worthy of playing Russian Roulette. Will he pee or won’t he?! Jackpot is if he poops… yet to win that one yet.

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