Me, Being Mummy : Week 21 – Gratitude

Hi Guys!
If you’ve read my latest post The Hard Bits then you’ll know that I have been poorly this past week with a bad cold and a sore back. You will also know that being ill and not on top form with a baby has not been a picnic… they weren’t kidding when they said motherhood has no sick leave! It’s not just me who’s been under the weather, we’ve all managed to catch it and the flat has been ringing out the sounds of coughing, spluttering and nose blowing… with the occasional suck and shriek sound from Baby being attacked with the dreaded nasal aspirator!
But, despite the ailments, we have made the most of being at home, especially when PB has been off work for half the week too. It’s nice to cosy up in the living room and spend quality time at home as a family. He was also my knight in shining armour who swooped Baby out a couple of times so that I could spend a few hours sleeping off the worst of the virus and even soak in the tub with bubbles and a book. I say it all the time, but having a helpful and supportive partner is so important and I really appreciate him for being as hands on as he is. I also think that single parents should be awarded medals for coping on their own!
Loves of my life
As a result of spending more time at home, we have been having lots of interactive playtime with Baby Bear! I’ve been really encouraging him to roll and sit up on his own. It’s a slow process… and also a very funny one. He is so wobbly and his chunky frame makes him resemble a little Buddha when he sits in the middle of his play mat. He managed a millisecond of being independently upright (with a slight resemblance to the Leaning Tower of Pisa) before toppling over and giggling.
Jungle Gym aka place to put Baby Bear for 20 minutes whilst dinner cooks!
He is really grabbing hold of his rattles and teething rings now which leaves me full of wonder. How can this little person, who 21 weeks ago was little more than a cute bundle of spud, suddenly be able to grab, grip and wave a lump of jangly plastic with full on gusto?!
He’s also more vocal, with lots of cooing, growling and shouting which makes us jump on a regular basis. And all this literally happens almost over night. You look back just a couple of weeks and it belies a totally different story. I find it absolutely fascinating and also ridiculously emotional. I am definitely a tearful Mum. I cry at everything. Sometimes I just look at him and well up from pride and sheer gratitude at having him in my life. And that’s even whilst battling a cold!
Anyway, enough of the mushy gushy stuff… in other news…
Additional information and findings this week!

– The nasal aspirator only works on babies. Adult nostrils must be too big or something.
– Peanut Butter Oreos were a nice discovery but not as amazing as I had hoped they’d be.
– Quality time at home as a family makes me so happy and relaxed. Sometimes we get so lost in the hub bub of a busy social life and stressful work schedule, it’s easy to forget how nice it is to hang out, just us, at home.
– Baby Bear had his third booster injections and we still hate needles. A lot. This time it was 3 (argh!) and the poor thing was left with red, hot, angry bumps on his legs for the best part of the week… I can still feel the swellings now actually. Necessary but not desirable at all!
– Teething rings aren’t cutting it… literally. Mummy’s finger however is a much more desirable option. For Baby Bear, not Mummy. My pointing finger is rather prune like…. 
– TV no longer exists as it once did. I rarely watch a programme when it is being aired as scheduled. Catch Up is my friend… and just like my real life friends, we only get to meet properly around once a month. I have so much to watch it should bring me right round to the next season!
– From talking with other mums, almost all babies have a rite of passage lesson to learn called ‘The First Fall off of the Sofa’. This happens when they start to move more than you give them credit for and is designed to scare the shit out of you and to teach them what gravity is. Both myself and Baby passed our lesson with flying colours, no injuries and shall not need to revisit the topic again.

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