Me, Being Mummy Review: The Tomy Lamaze Torin the T Rex

I’m almost crying with laughter at the fact that this little dude is called ‘Torin’! Don’t get me wrong, we name every single one of our toys  (for more on what we choose to call him, check out my Instagram here) but Torin?! Hilarious!
This little dinosaur has become a firm fave in our house and both myself and Baby reach for him in the moments we need entertainment. His bright coloured fabrics and crinkly tail and feet have kept Baby happy for hours and it’s 2 textured teething rings have really helped our little dribbler.
Brightly coloured ribbon tags adorn his back and his goofy teeth endeared him to me from the off… as well as his ability to accessorise with a bone (let’s face it, not just anyone could pull that look off). He really encourages Baby Bear to develop his motor skills and is still soft and cuddly enough to snuggle at nap time.
Ours was a gift from a lovely friend but I’ve done some research and you can find yours here for £6.99.

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