Me, Being Mummy: Week 20


Hi Guys!
This week saw my beloved PB turn 33! He feels old… yet had a very kid like approach to the whole occasion, insisting that I let him open his cards and presents before his actual birthday and even snooping through said cards and gifts at every given opportunity whenever my back was turned (he knows I know this yet still vehemently denies it!).
We had friends down to stay for the weekend, went out for dinner and cocktails for Saturday night and then Sunday was spent bowling and eating curry. Teddy was looked after by one of my besties, Colette, whilst we went out on the Saturday and my amazing friend Poppy baked an ‘illusion’ cake that tasted as awesome as it looked!
I came away from the weekend with several warm and fuzzy feelings…
One was the pride I felt for our baby boy, who again followed his routine on Saturday and settled down before we left without making a peep until we had gotten home at 1am, and even then it was simply to have a nappy change and a bottle before returning to his slumber again. On the Sunday he spent the morning smiling, cooing and dancing with his ‘Aunties’ Jackie and Sarah to an array of nursery rhymes (one was about a missing meatball, I was beginning to think my hangover had brought on hallucinations) and then he spent the majority of our time at the bowling alley napping. Napping?! In the midst of pins being bulldozed over and amusements sounding off left, right and centre. I couldn’t believe it!
Two was happiness at being able to spend quality time with friends and family, both with and without baby in tow. Saturday night was like a date night with added extras! To have a meal where we could chat and laugh with everyone without needing one eye and ear on Baby was lovely, but at the same time, having him with us on Sunday and seeing him interact with everyone was so sweet.
And finally, love. Love for our family and friends and the effort they made to help make PB’s birthday a happy one. My heart was brimming with it all weekend! But mostly for the man of the hour himself. I couldn’t ask for a better wing man on this journey through parenthood. He’s my best friend and the best Daddy that Baby Bear could ever have.

Additional information and findings from this week :

– Teddy’s weaning is going really well. We are only on 2 meals a day with milk filling in the gaps but he will let me know when he wants to step it up. That kid doesn’t waste time in letting me know if he’s hungry!
– Broccoli wasn’t his favourite taste at all. In fact he reacted by retching. Not good.
– It constantly surprises me how many people and how much stuff we can fit into our
1.5 bedroom bear cave. And still feel relaxed and comfortable too!
– Transporting an illusion cake through car journeys, car parks, bowling and a restaurant takes dedication. And a lovely person like our friend Sarah to carry it around all day. Big, BIG thank you to you if you’re reading this lovely!
– I have done something to my poor back and have been on painkillers most of the week. It certainly didn’t help with bowling. I had to use the metal frame thing, which made me feel like a right prat…. especially when the only other people using them were little and around 5+ years old. The amount that still ended up in the gutter was embarrassing too! It’s the taking part that counts though right?
– PB lost his voice on Friday night. Cue lots of throat lozenges, drinks and complete voice rest in order to restore it by the time everyone arrived Saturday afternoon. It was weird not being able to talk to each other…. I’m not sure we managed it that we’ll either!
– Saturday night was bloody surreal! The lovely staff at Ask restaurant, Brighton,  gave us 6 of their beautiful drinking glasses (which we had admired all evening) as an apology for their electricity  tripping after some rude diners at another table decided to smash one of the lights (they made complete fools of themselves all evening). We then bumped into politician Jeremy Corbyn on our way to a bar! He’s down here in Brighton for the Labour Conference at the moment and myself and PB approached him and he was very nice. And just as dishevelled in person as he is on telly!haha! We then went to a place called the Cocktail Shack and got steadily pissed on a variety of Cocktails and out of nowhere, a glass exploded over our friend (she was ok, no injuries luckily!) and someone somewhere took over the Bluetooth of the bar and randomly blared out 50 cent in amongst old classics like the Beach Boys! We all stumbled home about 12.30am, uncontrollable giggles vibrating out of us as we went.
– Having a bad back whilst tending to a 20 week old is tough. Please send a winch. And more painkillers.
– Our bedtime routine is the best thing we ever made up our minds to do. It makes it so much easier to get baby to sleep!
– Baby is trying so hard to sit up on his own! He looks very drunk and tips over after a few seconds of successfully staying vertical which I must confess makes me laugh every time. He’s getting there though!
– Now that he can grip toys better, he is able to amuse himself for a little longer than before. Which means I can fix myself breakfast or put a wash on without being summoned back after 30 seconds!


  1. November 24, 2017 / 7:14 pm

    I like it when people get together and share ideas.
    Great blog, stick with it!

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