Me, Being Mummy : Week 19 – Teething and Snuffles

Hi Guys!
Let me just start by saying that teeth, are stupid. Yes we need them. Yes we use them every day. Yes we miss them when they’re gone. But oh my gosh are they a nightmare for everyone involved when they are making their first appearance!!
Baby Bear goes from being our bouncing, smiley pudge of fun to a screaming, red faced, hot tear producing mess in a matter of mere moments and proceeds to swing back and forth throughout the day. My finger is constantly being gnawed on, we have teething gel and Calpol to hand round the clock and I have been refrigerating and freezing all kinds of concoctions in order to try and help soothe his gums. 
NOTE TO SELF: For some reason Cucumber is his nemesis. Have offered it up several times and been met with loud and on one occasion, slightly violent, protestations. Must not attempt again…. or at least for another six months…
Things have definitely not been helped by the stinker of a cold that has decided to strike him this week as well. Despite there being no medical evidence that supports the theory that teething brings on colds, every mother I have visited with this week has agreed with ‘mmmm….. oooo…. he’s teething, no wonder he has a cold?!’. To me, it makes sense. Teething causes pain. Pain makes you run down. You catch colds when you’re run down. Add that to a baby’s feeble immunity and hey presto! We have a winner of a theory! Either way, its been a real pain in the cotton briefed ass. Watching your baby struggle with congestion is at best frustrating, at worst distressing. We have actually paid out for Snuffle Babe drops which incidentally just appears to be sterilised salt water (which was majorly disappointing as I had assumed from the title it could magically solve all worries and cure all snuffles….. may as well wish for a sodding unicorn!) and we also obtained a nasal aspirator (incidentally that looks like a dumpy version of a turkey baster) which is simple enough to use, but upon doing so, causes all hell to break loose. Our neighbours probably think we have a chamber of horrors hidden in here somewhere from the screaming Teddy belts out whilst we try and extract his snot! It’s a two parent job, one steading baby’s head for fear of the other misdirecting the turkey baster – sorry, the ‘nasal aspirator device’ – and accidentally sucking his eyeball out by mistake. Utterly traumatic for all involved…. but admittedly satisfying when a great big gloop extricates itself from baby’s button of a nose. Strange AND gross, I know.
So we have spent a couple of days at home wrapped up, playing and sleeping, sleeping and playing. Playgroup was missed (which I secretly wasn’t too pained about) and when we have gone out we have made sure to stay warm and dry. Teddy’s Nanna Pat had her belated 60th birthday party at the weekend, complete with gazebo in the garden and amazing food, so it was nice to have a road trip and blow the cobwebs away. Teddy maintained his bedtime routine in amongst the music and mingling party guests, and by 7.30, PB and I were able to kick back with a drink and relax into the evening…. Well, I say relax but a certain someone (aka me) may have forgotten to pack the baby monitors. Therefore we relaxed in between half hourly trips up the stairs to check on Baby. 
NOTE TO SELF: Don’t forget baby monitors in future. Unless visiting a ground floor flat… or a bungalow. 
Additional information and findings from this week:

– Youtube is amazing for baby development videos! I found one suitable for Teddy’s age, popped it on and he was enraptured for the entire 15 minutes it was on! Which allowed me to make breakfast without being summoned by his ‘Errrrr! I’m here, why aren’t you here too?!’ cry. 
– Now that we are weaning… I am having to do something very unheard of. I am having to share my food.  It’s not that I’m against sharing, I love to share! I share all the time on here don’t I? It’s just food. I’m like Joey from Friends (‘JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!!’). But when I am eating say, a banana…. and these two little blue eyes are looking at me all wide and interested, little cupids bow lips being licked and all arms and legs flailing about in pure anticipated joy…. well, I just can’t say no. 

MUMMY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD….. ahhh, go on then. 

– Babies have real issues when you try to pick their nose. I know this sounds terribly graphic and yucky, but I hate it when he has great big bogeys up there, waving hello at me. They piss me off. As a result, cotton buds are my friend. 
– The Disney Playlist is a huge hit in our house! Every evening before bath time we blast out the tunes and have a good old boogey and sing song. Again… the poor neighbours. Oh, the thoughts they must have!
– Talking of neighbours, something is niggling at me. I can organise myself to within an inch of my very existence. I can hold down every chore, errand, baby need and even at times, a bit of my own work that comes in. But, for the life of me, I cannot beat my neighbour at putting the rubbish bins out! We share an entrance alley to our respective front doors, and as a result our bins are stood together outside. No matter how hard I try, how determined I am to make it… every Monday evening, I take out my bin bag and she has already wheeled them out onto the street. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely for her to do so and am very grateful at her kindness. But I just marvel at her timing. I’ve even tried to mix it up and try putting it out earlier and earlier, but each time there they are, standing like soldiers out on the pavement waiting to salute me. She sometimes goes away on visits and leaves me little notes in my mail box reminding me to ‘put them out on Monday night’ as she ‘won’t be here to do it’. I feel like sending her a note saying ‘I do it every Monday night, you just don’t realise it because you are a bin ninja!’. Not sure it would be taken in the humour it is intended with though. One day, when Teddy is old enough to amuse himself, I will wait and watch out of the window and see what time she does it. 

Either that, or I’ll just put them out on Sunday night. Now, THAT would really impress her huh?! 

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