Me Being Mummy: Week 17 – Family

Hi Guys!

This week we’ve spent most of our time with various family members and it has been so nice catching up and in some cases, even meeting new faces.

Paulibear’s family is large and they are all spread out over England and America. This week found his Aunts (his Mum is one of 7 children!) coming over from America to spend holiday time over here in England and their first port of call was to our little Bear Cave to catch up with their nephew and officially meet both myself and little Teddy. It was lovely to finally see each other in person (the Internet makes it possible to keep in touch but a hug is worth a thousand Facebook posts!) and we had a great time chatting whilst they played with Baby Bear, who was of course thriving on the attention. It meant a lot for them to finally be able to hold him and were so happy to see it happen. Jet lag needed to be navigated, as did Paulibear’s post night shift haze of exhaustion but each took turn for cat naps before my Mummy in law, Teddy’s Nanna,  arrived and we finished the evening off with a fish and chips supper. Hardly great for my post pregnancy diet but meh, we all need a slip up every now and again right? Fish and chips cannot be passed up! They are all currently spending some sisterly bonding time together… probably getting up to all kinds of mischief!hah!

We then spent the weekend visiting Teddy’s paternal Grandad Steve and his wife, Nanny Tracy in St Mary’s Bay. I have fallen in love with the place. It is very countryfied, slow of pace and green. Sheep dot the fields and a walk along the sunny seafront near Folkstone, eating icecream and looking out at boats left me so relaxed I could have happily fallen asleep on the pebbles. It’s always nice to see them and they always make us feel welcome in little things they do… This time they had bought a sofa bed in an attempt to provide a more comfortable sleeping surface as opposed to our usual spare-mattress-on-the-floor set up, which resulted in the newly renovated upstairs landing wall needing a chunk carved out of it in order to accommodate the successful transportation of said sofa bed. The episode of Friend’s in which Ross repeats the word ‘PIVOT!!’ instantly sprang to mind and I did have to giggle when they told us about their efforts… poor Grandad Steve and his carved up wall!

Teddy loved the visit, taking in his new surroundings and soaking up new faces. I was worried his behaviour might be a bit up in the air because of not being at home over night, but we followed the same routine as we always do and apart from having to cope without the night time serenading from Eddie the Elephant, he went out like a light. And just in time for me to come downstairs to enjoy Tracy’s homemade lasagne…. I gave myself a little hi five for that impeccable timing! I also had two helpings…. and pudding. Ooops.

Fresh air puts baby’s into a trance!

Sunny walk along the seafront blew the cobwebs away!

Additional information and findings from this week: 

– Fish and Chips taste best when eaten off of newspaper… transferring it to a plate just kills the magic.
– Our little 1.5 bedrooms bear cave copes very well with accommodating more than 2.5 bears. 
– I love spending time in the car with my two boys. Paulibear and I sing along to Motown hits whilst Baby Bear snoozes and its all part of the adventure. 
– Always measure when buying new furnishings…. like sofa beds for example… 
– Playgroup this week involved singing songs…. I really need to practice because ‘Row row row your boat’ now involves a polar bear that makes you shiver and not only do the wheels on the bus go round and round, but the window wipers go swish, swish, swish and the people chatter, chatter, chatter. All of this is very big news to me. 
– Talking of singing, in the absence of Eddie the Elephant (our musical night light that sings Teddy into slumber), I had to step up with my repertoire of Billy Joel ‘For the longest time’ (ironic, I know) and Crosby, Stills and Nash ‘Our House’. Did the job though… and I didn’t crack any windows or summon the neighbourhood’s dogs to the door. I did probably deafen everyone downstairs over the baby monitor though…. 
– Watching your loved ones enjoy spending time with the loved one you have actually made is the best feeling ever. Like you have painted the most brilliant masterpiece in the world and can step back to watch other people soak it in. Every compliment, interaction and reciprocated smile melts my heart and I feel myself bursting with pride. Either that or all the food I’ve eaten this week has made my skinny jeans a bit tight…

It’s very possible. 

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