Me, Being Mummy: Week 15 Injections and Billy Joel

Hi Guys!
What a week?! We are home from the hospital and Baby Bear has made a full recovery… we still have absolutely no idea what made him sick, it could have been a virus or it could have been meningitis. Hopefully a final blood result due this week will tell us for sure, but we are just grateful to have a healthy baby again and to be home together as the three bears.
The majority of this week found us hanging out in our room on the ward, keeping ourselves from boredom by watching a tiny telly that hung over the cot and looking out at the brilliant view of Brighton that you get from the hospital. I know it sounds weird but there were actually a lot of positives from being in hospital. For one, I didn’t have to do any housework or errands (hooray!) so every minute was spent with Teddy… a real treat for both of us. Plus I slept really well because Teddy was quite tired after having intravenous antibiotics and I think that subconsciously, because I knew that he was being watched by staff and under constant monitoring, I relaxed my mummy radar a little and was able to switch off better than I do at home.
The one aspect we truly hated was the constant needles that they kept sticking him with. His veins are teeny tiny so drawing bloods for testing and the process for administering his meds was made really tricky and I really had to fight myself not to scoop him up and run away. Watching him scream each time was bloody awful, no matter how much I reasoned with myself that ‘it’s for his own good’ and ‘he won’t remember it when he’s older’. I know I will, that’s for sure! It seriously made his immunisation jabs look tame in comparison, and we all know how much I hated having to witness that!
Paulibear kept us stocked up on food, clean clothes and a positive mental attitude and even surprised me by bringing up a couple of my besties one night for some company and a little piece of normality which was fantastic. Not to mention they brought sushi and Domino’s…. words cannot express how much I love these people!

Watching telly in bed…. kept him occupied for aaaaaaages!

Teddy has been absolutely amazing through out the whole week though. We are so proud of him. He’s been smiling and cooing at all the nurses (even after they’ve been at him with needles!) and we’ve noticed a change in him that we can’t quite put our fingers on… He just seems more responsive and alert, whereas before it was as if he was just lost in his own space a lot of the time. Now he is really starting to interact and I am addicted to making him talk and grin! I was never one of those people who go all ‘goo goos’ and ‘gagas’ but now I sound bloody ridiculous, most of the time. Then again… no change there much eh?
Additional information and findings from this week :

– Primal instinct dictates that, during the process of a doctor trying to cannulate your child – and failing miserably 6 times in a row – your child’s screams will turn you into one of the lionesses from wildlife on 1 and you physically crave the ability to rip said doctor to shreds.
– As you can tell… All rationale goes out of the window when your child is sick or in pain. Or at least, the little you have left of it since becoming a mother.
– They lock up every baby’s feeds in a fridge so that it can’t be tampered with…. sad world we live in if it’s a fear that someone would actually jeopardise a baby’s milk. It also meant that every time Teddy wanted milk (which, at 15 weeks weighing in at 16.6lbs and channeling his inner hoover, is quite often) I had to go and ask them to get me some. Not a problem, apart from the fact that the only thing that brings on a crying fit from our son is having to wait more than 2 milliseconds for milk. It. Was. Deafening. Not to mention embarrassing.
– I lost count of how many people said ‘He doesn’t look nearly 15 weeks!’ And ‘Isn’t he chunky?!’. Oh and ‘How much are you feeding him?!’. I felt like Mrs Jumbo protecting little Dumbo again at times. Other times I felt proud… He’s a thriving boy!
– The tiny telly above the baby’s cot made the best overhead mobile known to man… or should that be baby?
– You put on weight in hospital. Mostly because all there is to do is eat…. And look out of the window.
– Alfie Sleepy Hungry Happy Bear (yes, if you are a parent, you will know who this is) acts as a (and pushes the parents to)  distraction for a bored baby. I hear him in my sleep. I even sing along with him. Help me?!
– Talking of distractions, we have hit on the fact that Teddy loves Billy Joel. The song ‘Why should I worry?’ from Disney’s Oliver and Co started us off and now he loves it when I give him a full rendition of Uptown Girl and For The Longest Time. That is until he gets bored… or mentally scarred… and starts to cry.

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