Pre Baby vs Post Baby #1 Leaving the House

Wake up at 8am. Shower at leisure. Eat Breakfast. Do makeup meticulously. Choose an outfit. Grab handbag. Leave house. Get into car and drive.
Time: 9.25am.

Wake up at 6am. Feed Baby. Change baby. Feed self. Sterilise baby’s bottles. Pack baby bag with spare clothes, nappies, bottles and formula. Put laundry on due to mount Everest of washing beginning to take up kitchen. Search for handbag after losing it in sleep deprived state somewhere round the house. Find handbag in bathroom (how and why??). Whilst there, quickly wash self/brush teeth then grab clothes that don’t have puke or crap on them from bedroom. Apply some lip balm and attempt to put on mascara quickly without poking self in the eye. Feed baby again. Change baby again. Put baby in clean clothes. Place baby in car seat. Feed the cats. Take baby out of car seat and jump around due to baby having wind. Change baby’s clothes due to baby puking up after being burped. Put baby back in car seat. Unfold baby’s buggy. Apply car seat to buggy. Stuff baby bag and handbag under buggy. Leave the house but go back in after realising have forgotten around 1 – 3 different items. Leave the house again and drag everything to car. Unload all cargo into car. Whack shins whilst lifting buggy into boot of car. Curse buggy. Fight with seat belt in order to secure car seat in place. Curse seat belt. Get in car myself, breathe deeply and leave.

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