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Hi Guys!
I am absolutely, 100%, without a shred of doubt disgustingly, terrifyingly and unbelievably late in sending this post out! You know that feeling you used to (or maybe even still do) get when you’ve forgotten your homework several times past the deadline and run out of excuses because every conceivable pet has eaten it? Or you’re dusting your bookcase and see a library book that should have been taken back 18 months ago?? Well that’s how I feel writing this post!
Just over a couple of months ago (incidentally just before being prematurely induced with Baby Bear…. see, no need for the ‘dog ate it’ excuse over here, things have been pretty manic since becoming a first time Mummy), the lovely people at ‘Not on the High’ were kind enough to send me some things from the launch of their Baby on Board Range in celebration of their partnership with Transport for London. The Baby On Board Badge system is an innovative way of keeping your fellow passengers aware that you are either pregnant or travelling with an infant whilst using the underground and other modes of transport, all via the use of the cleverly fashionable merchandise which sports the logo for all to see. 
I received one of their gorgeous personalised boxes (complete with satin bow – one happy girlie here when things are tied with bows!) and upon opening said box, I was greeted with 3 items in amongst some crisp, white tissue paper.
Teddy fully approves of the Baby on Board Range too!
First was a cute little greetings card with mummy humour crossed with the ever so recognisable London Underground themed layout that Baby on Board favour  (hence the word play on the brands title and their aim for safe travel) and I am saving it until the right time comes to send it to someone who might be expecting, or even someone in need of a pick me up note if mummyhood is proving a bit wearing. The great thing about the card is that it is blank inside, so I can use it for any occasion. For now though it is waiting in my most favourite drawer in the house – my stationery drawer! I am such a sucker for stationery, you can never have enough and it’s one of the few things you can purchase without having to try on or make excuses for buying because it will ALWAYS be used up! Especially something as unique, funny and high quality as the Baby on Board cards.
Next I reached out for the biggest item in the box – a cute canvas tote shopping bag complete with ‘Mother And Baby Approaching Platform’ and ‘Baby on Board’ motif on the front.
These things have always been useful in a shopaholic like myself’s life, but now, with a small baby and all the crap required to function with him outside of home, this bag is so useful! I tend to use it whilst grocery shopping because juggling a pram, handbag and a cumbersome plastic shopping basket is so uncomfortable…. especially when buying bottles of drink (soda water, not rum!) and boxes of cat food. I just have to remember to pay for it all when I come to leave the shop. Something easily overlooked whilst suffering from baby brain… 
The other useful thing about canvas bags such as this one is that you can always gently machine wash it too. Very helpful if sticky fingers get plastered all over it…. or the cat food explodes. 
The last little treasure sent to me was a very cute, VERY good quality leather key ring with ‘Baby on Board’ imprinted into its surface. It was so nice, I promptly gave it as a baby shower gift to my friend without remembering to take a picture of it in time (doh!), so I shall just insert a generic image of it on here for you to see. 
It took a lot of effort and selfless thinking to part with it. Along with stationery I also have a weakness for cute keyrings! I have to control my urge of putting them all onto my keys otherwise I sound like a jailer walking about the place. Plus have you ever dropped a bunch of keys and key rings onto your foot?? That seriously hurts….
This keyring was truly beautiful and well crafted though, and at £12.50 it’s no surprise that you are getting one made out of good quality leather which will stand the test of time against being battered about in a pocket or handbag against your door keys. Not to mention it was a good size too….makes it easier to find your keys at the very bottom of your bag, where they always seem to end up for some reason!
It’s always nice to find a good quality and reasonably priced brand, and this one is ideal if you are stuck for a clever, quirky and useful way to treat a lucky parent out there. Or even yourself… 
Upon writing this I think I may have been a little too selfless with the key ring…. Am off to order myself another one, I highly suggest you guys do the same!
What do you think of the Baby on Board Brand? Would you ever think of purchasing something from the range?
Find out more about the ‘Baby on Board’ movement and its wide range of goods by clicking here along with a chance to receive a 10% discount off of your order with

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