Me, Being Mummy: Week 7

Hi Guys!
This past week hasn’t really been too eventful…. A lot of it has been spent at home tending to a fast growing Baby Bear, attending a few check up appointments and focussing on all things sleep related. You hear about growth spurts and how they can make a baby react in all kinds of ways but whilst you’re in the midst of one – with an irritable, insatiably hungry,  endless poop and puke producing infant – it is hard to see wood for trees.
Just as you are about to allow yourself to be convinced that your chilled and happy baby has been lost and ‘this is it now… forever’, you suddenly realise that a sleep suit which fitted perfectly last week now looks like hot pants on his ever expanding frame and the moses basket that used to make him look like a pea on a drum now makes him reminiscent of a sardine in a tin can. Only then does it click and you hear yourself saying in a eureka type fashion ‘ah ha! You’ve had a GROWTH SPURT!’.
Part of the growth spurt fun has been a run of broken nights. Lots of other contributing factors have also dictated our yo yo approach to sleeping, such as the ongoing acid reflux and a few bouts of the dreaded colic. You’d think a growth spurt would automatically mean the need for sleep, but apparently it is just as likely that it can cause them to have a lack of it… Hooray!
Add to all that the fact that babies are notorious for playing up at night time and that we have suddenly been hit by a heat wave here in the UK (am still so happy though, I love the summer!!), and it is hardly a surprise that I have been shuffling about like an extra from ‘The Walking Dead’ for the best part of the week!
Me and Baby Bear, winding down after a particularly ‘screechy’ night feed…. I could post flattering, yummy mummy type pictures but hey, thats not the reality is it? Lets embrace the no makeup look, complete with bags under the eyes and neglected eyebrows and focus on the beautifully content baby. Funny fact: I was so tired, that this was actually a genuine attempt at a smile and my brain seemed to forget how to do it. Cue: grimace. 
That’s where maternity leave comes in handy though. When I get stressed and irritable (reminiscent of a dragon afflicted with PMS) I try to remind myself not to be. We have nowhere we need to go, if I don’t sleep in the night I shall catch up on it during the day and luckily I have a very supportive partner who is happy to take over wherever he can so that I can slip off and have a few hours nap or a soak in the tub. Its important to make the time to catch up where ever possible, even if its just half an hour here and there. 
Especially if you have a few evenings tackling the fun times of colic. I was surprised to discover that they don’t actually know for certain what colic is, however theories tend to lean towards it being a digestive issue caused by air bubbles trapped in the tummy. A lovely friend of mine donated anti colic bottles to us which have really helped, and we endeavour to wind Teddy during and after every feed. But, inevitably, there is always a bit that gets missed and as a result we get screeched at by a red faced, contorted Baby Bear who literally seems to not know what to do with himself. Cue myself and Paulibear taking it in turns to soothe him, hitching him up onto our shoulders and bouncing around the flat like slow, demented versions of Tigger. I’ve even hit upon walking up and down our entry way stair case, with each step causing a gentle jolt which seems to help him disperse his tummy bubbles successfully. Plus its a work out for my legs as well… win win situation!
We also hit a very exciting milestone this week in the form of Teddy moving out of his moses basket and into his very own cot bed. It looks a little bit ridiculous at the moment as we have had to elevate the head end on a stack of books in order to alleviate his reflux symptoms through the help of good old gravity. But, he looks so cute sleeping in it and a friend gave us an amazing jungle themed mobile that has moveable bits and plays classical music from Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. 
NOTE: It always makes me chuckle because I would love to nip back in time, shake the hand of these  brilliant composers, and ask them how they feel about having such a huge impact on putting babies to sleep. Bet their faces would be a picture!
Anyway, myself and Paulibear had a very funny hour fitting it into our bedroom as well. We moved every stick of furniture around whilst discussing the optimum position that would mean the room looked the best it could without compromising my view of Baby Bear in his cot from my position in our bed. It was like a mixture of changing rooms and a jigsaw puzzle challenge from Crystal Maze. But we got there in the end, and the hard work paid of because he has settled into using the cot really well –  spreading out like a star fish, kicking his legs about with glee and watching his mobile twirl round with serious concentration before drifting off to sleep.
I would be jealous of his new bed and deep sleep but I simply can’t be. After all, I have a whole life time to sleep…. my geriatric years will generally consist of it I daresay. In the grand scheme of things, I only have a handful of moments where this little person needs me and the cuddles I can offer. Best to try and make the most of them and not be resentful…. especially if it is 3am, even the cat is asleep and the TV remote is across the room….
Additional information and findings from this week:

– Baby Bear had his audiology appointment to check his hearing this week. Have you ever been inside a sound proof room?? It’s deafening! Simply because your ears are so used to sifting through all sorts of noise, so when there simply isn’t any to sift through, just unzipping your handbag sounds earth shattering! We spent an hour waiting patiently as the lady tested Teddy’s ears with these special headphones which fed into electrodes attached to different points on his head. Both sides were happily passed with a clear result so YAY!
– Talking of passing with clear results, we both had our 6 week check with the Doctor who was very pleased with us. There was a very alarming bit where he had to apply pressure to Teddy’s hips (he said that they basically need to dislocate them to ensure the joints work properly!) at which point I was struggling with my protective instincts that were yelling at me to grab my baby and run…. but needs must and luckily it was over soon enough.
– Intense summer heat plus lack of sleep results in coma like tendencies. One particularly hot day, upon leaving Teddy with Paulibear so I could have a ‘quick nap’, I emerged from the bedroom 4.5 hours later, wiping drool from my chin and looking about me as if I were suffering from amnesia. Nice.
– Following last week’s post, I managed to go on my shopping trip, coming home with some new bras and cute pairs of baggy trousers… Denim will have to wait… ahem.

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