Me, Being Mummy: Week 6


Hi Guys!
Another week has gone whizzing by at the speed of light…. Or at least it feels that way. Probably a slight exaggeration but you get the jist! I can’t figure it out because before mummyhood, I was working at least 10 hours a day, juggling three different jobs, and the week used to really drag in places. Now, the main bulk of my day is spent sterilising bottles and changing nappies in between dodging puke and cuddling my little bundle, and the hours melt away as fast as a cheap candle! There’s only one explanation: I am loving my new role of ‘mummy’. 
Anyway, I’ve just had a giggle to myself as I typed ‘little bundle’ because we had our health visitor round for Teddy’s 6 week check this week and she took all of his measurements. They are as follows:
Weight: 10lb 7oz (up from 8lb 5oz measured 3weeks ago)
Height: 57.5 cm 
Head circumference: 38cm (up from 34cm measured 3 weeks ago)

In basic terms, as put by the health visitor, he is classed as: a big boy. ‘No shit; really?’ Was what I wanted to say when she said it, but of course my manners prevented me. He’s already in 3-6 months clothing, so I had a feeling he wasn’t going to be classed as small…. Being born the size of a mini elephant and having a father the size of a small dwelling tipped me off a bit too. 
What is it with the whole health visitor being like scary Alan Sugar types thing anyway? Every visit I feel like we are being evaluated and assessed, which I know we are, but it feels pretty uncomfortable most of the time and I end up putting my foot in it through being nervous. I actually thought it was a good idea to tell her how he nearly rolled off of the sofa whilst I was out of the room fixing his bottle?! Why would I say that?! I’m too chatty when I’m nervous…. It’s ridiculous. I even panic when the cats walk past her. I can just see her clocking them and thinking ‘HEALTH HAZARD ALERT! HEALTH HAZARD ALERT!!’ in manner of the Terminator or some other robot. 
Plus Teddy decides to time things impeccably, so that I really look like I am an incapable clutz as opposed to having the experience of Super Nanny, Mary Poppins and the Woman Who Lived In A Shoe all rolled into one. As we were settling into the appointment, he promptly had a massive pee and it seeped out the sides of his nappy and all over my lap. Team that up with the fact that I had forgotten we had even scheduled an appointment for that day (cue a sleepy me opening the door and saying ‘you’re not meant to be here?!’ – awkward!) along with the panda eyed make up look I was sporting from not cleansing my face the night before (slap my wrist for that one, very naughty!) and a general dishevelled appearance from both us Bears and our cave, and you can probably guess what she was thinking. 
Still, it can’t have been that bad… He’s still living with us and her blurb on his record book says he’s doing great so she obviously knows it’s just an accumulation of bad timing and a severe case of ‘new parent-itis’. I was just miffed because if she had visited any other day, then we would have been on top of our parent game! Housework, baby, cats, cars and parents would have been all in tip top condition and extremely well organised. Even despite the fact that we had a busy week going out here and there with friends and family again, plus spending time with my Mother in Law who came down to stay for a few days. Her visit coincided with us registering Teddy’s birth so we went out for dinner with my parents to celebrate too which was nice.

NOTE: If anyone in the Southeast wants a really good Italian place to go to, try Tosca on Shoreham’s High street. It. Is. Amazing.

Registering Teddy’s birth was a proud day for us. He is now officially recorded and, as silly as it sounds, all I could think of was that ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ programme on the telly. Potentially, centuries from now, our descendants may look up our records, see our names on the files and have a little glimpse into us and our life. How exciting?! I must admit, I got a bit emotional when we walked out of there with our little certificate… ironically in a folder covered with a teddybear motif. Now all Paulibear and I have to do is get married, then we will all have the same name!

Teddy’s first picture after being registered… taken whilst sitting in a pub garden whilst drinking Pimms. I was the one drinking it by the way, although from this ‘out cold’ picture it looks as though he was!

Talking of Paulibear, he had his very first ever Father’s Day experience this week. Unfortunately, he had to work his shift during the day, but joined us at my own Dad’s place during the evening for dinner. I made them both cute cards and dunked Baby Bear’s feet in blue acrylic to make them each a footprint on bits of paper as a keepsake…. another task the health visitor would have probably frowned at…

Paulibear has always wanted to be a Daddy. Even when we first got together he was always looking forward to the day he had a kid of his own and has lots of friends with children who he loves spending time with. It was so nice to finally be able to say ‘Happy Father’s Day’ to him and, silly as it sounds, this week of making Baby Bear official and celebrating Paulibear’s Fatherhood made me so very proud to call them my own. You are looking at one happy (and sickeningly gushy!!) Mummy Bear.

Additional information and findings from this week:

– Babies really do smile when they have wind…. it seems farting and burping are amusing even from birth!
– I had my first Pimms of the year to celebrate Baby Bear being made official – and it tasted soooooo goooooood!
– I am fast realising that this newborn stage is actually the easy bit. This week alone I managed to organise and file all my paperwork, renew my car insurance, bake cakes AND make cards/buy presents for Father’s Day. All whilst Teddy slept. 
– He is starting to be more alert for longer periods of the day though. Not for hours and hours on end, but certain points of the day (and night!) he looks like he has suddenly had a dose of caffeine and starts really taking in his surroundings. Unless he is sneaking out to Costa for a shot of espresso, I believe its normal and a good sign that he is developing well, plus its so cute to watch his face fixate on something with acute concentration. 

– Incidentally, the things they fixate on are hilarious. Upon popping a brightly coloured toy next to him whilst he reclined in his bouncy chair, Teddy preferred to study his own baby grow mitten clad hand. Go figure?!

‘Ooo…. haaaaaannnnd!’

– The cats are doing so well at adjusting to having a baby about the place. They still discreetly leave the room if he’s going through a bout of colic… and there is sometimes a bit of a fight for cuddle time, but on the whole, they all get along really nicely. Not a hiss or a scratch in sight though, as you can see from this pic…. 

Colic, by the way, is possibly the worst bit of this stage of infancy. Combine it with our continued fun times with reflux and you have a real party! If we aren’t shielding ourselves and Baby Bear against regurgitated formula with a Muslin, we are brandishing a syringe filled with gripe water or infacol like a swashbuckler in an old Errol Flynn movie. The screaming really hurts the ears too…. y’know the kind of screams that make your ear drums rattle? Shall probably bulk buy ear plugs during my trip to town later…

– Which reminds me. I am so stuck with clothes right now. I’m not approaching this from a vain point of view… my body has brought a life into the world and I embrace every jiggle, ache and stretch mark by way of gratitude. But from a practical sense, I am really in need of some new things and am planning on going into town this afternoon to remedy the situation. The situation being that my maternity jeans now fall down and my old jeans don’t do up. My bras don’t fit, my cotton briefs have holes in and are due for retirement (bring back my lace!) and my shoes have soles that can talk or do a very convincing swiss cheese impression (both smell and holes combined!). So, Paulibear is having quality time with Teddy, and I am hitting the shops! Woohoo!
– On the subject of my body, 7 weeks post partum and it still aches and twinges in funny places. Ligaments are still pinging back into place, ribs are returning to normal and boobs are drying up (really need to do that catch up a post on my feeding choices for Baby Bear! In a nutshell, breast for us, wasn’t best). My body shape has really changed too so am intrigued about how shopping will turn out later. For years you walk into a store knowing your size and shape, and can therefore spot things that you know will ‘work’. I have no idea what mine is now, and it can evolve for up to a year after giving birth too. I’ll just try loads of stuff on, whats the worst that could happen huh?

Although, I’ve just remembered… I’ll be shopping for bras and jeans won’t I?


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