Me, Being Mummy: Week 5

Hi Guys!
No, I haven’t gone mad, despite the weird ‘week summary’ of: FEET. It is not a typo, or a ‘how to’ on the best home pedicure (although believe me, I could bloody well do with one at the moment… If we had laminate flooring I’d probably do a good impression of Michael Flately in the River Dance. Trust me, my nails really are that long!).
There are, however, a couple of reasons that feet are relevant to this week’s musings. Firstly, I feel like this week has turned a corner on ‘finding my feet’. You go through a pregnancy, you then go through labour and then you find yourself responsible for this little button nosed bean and as a result of all that (and hormones) it can be so easy to feel overwhelmed with all the changes and uncertainty that parenthood brings.
Getting used to not being ‘just you’ anymore. Getting used to sleeping less whilst being required to actually be more alert. Getting used to being super organised and a part of a routine. Getting used to taking Baby Bear out with all his luggage…. basically, getting used to so much!
Well, this week I have felt that little bit more in tune with all the changes. Naturally, I had been quite overwhelmed with things over the previous weeks and I think parenting in general is a life long ‘feeling your feet’ process anyway. Just as you reach a level footing, the ground gives way to new challenges and hey presto, that stubborn rug gets whipped away from you all over again.
See, I told you it was all about the feet!
Anyway, I have felt like my feet have been planted firmly on the ground this week. I made some choices that I feel were the right ones to make, Baby Bear is in a manageable routine, I feel comfortable and confident in making choices based on his cries and body language and I’ve even found time to make a start (finally!) on writing my ‘thank you’ letters to all the lovely people who have sent us gifts and cards, as well as sorting through the mound of post and emails that have piled up over the past 5 weeks. I’ve been going out with him on my own and with each trip I feel a little bit more confident and less self conscious of the world around me. I am even starting to feel excited when we get ready to go out of the door! Teddy is a well behaved baby and as I’ve said, has done brilliantly in getting stuck into a manageable feeding/sleeping routine considering we were warned he may take a while due to being premature. But one thing I keep reminding myself is to be aware that, in all likelihood, the equilibrium won’t last forever. You may be on top of your Mummy game one day, but the next could be totally different. And that’s ok! It’s not due to failure, but just due to it being the way life is. No two days are ever the same are they really? Unless you’re a Groundhog….
But anyway, that is the key to sanity I think. Don’t get too settled. Because if you convince yourself you have cracked everything like some sort of Baby Expert; you are setting yourself up for a fall over that darn rug again.
Teddy Bear reclining
In other news! This week we have been busy Bears! I made the decision to do mixed feeding (where you feed baby formula and express your milk for other feeds…. am planning on writing a separate post all about my feeding choices as it has been an interesting if a little bit of a bumpy ride!) and as a result of being able to let Paulibear take over ‘the reins’, I was able to meet my girlfriends for an impromptu drink one evening which was so nice. We met up in a Starbucks branch that was based in the heart of a Next store, where we drank hot chocolate before hitting the rails for a bit of browsing. Was only for an hour and a bit, but it was really refreshing to be able to concentrate on just them and me without a cute little distraction around the place.
NOTE: As nice as it was, it still felt very strange not being with Baby Bear. Like I had something missing. A bit like when you go out without a handbag and then your heart skips and you keep checking your pockets for your keys, wallet and phone. Not that Baby Bear is a handbag of course, that wouldn’t be a nice way to see him would it?!…. oh dear,  rambling!
We had more visits throughout the week and a nice trip into town because, most importantly, there were two birthdays in the family this week and we had a day out shopping for presents.
My lovely Mummy in Law turned the big 6-0 (not that you would know at all, I marvel at the fact that she somehow always looks half her age!), so we drove up to celebrate with her and her friends over a big lunch at a yummy Indian Restaurant. My parents came along too and we all had a great time, lots of laughs and Teddy was spoilt with cuddles and compliments! 
The other birthday belongs to my little nephew, who turned the grand old age of 2 yesterday! Looking at how much he’s grown and changed into this cute toddler who is into everything and anything makes me realise how precious time is as it flies by so quickly. Something I shall remind myself in the depths of a colic/reflux ridden night feed when it feels like the minutes are as heavy as quicksand. Every moment in life should be cherished, even the less appealing ones…. Because it all passes by so fast and before you know it, you will be aching for the days where they were little enough to carry about in the crook of your arm.
In light of the FEET theme… isn’t this the cutest little ‘big’ foot you have ever seen! 
Additional information and findings from this week:

– Being organised is the key to all happiness. I have developed a system that helps things run smoothly for the night feeds which basically consists of setting up everything I need so it is all at hand for quickness and ease when I am being screamed at by a hungry Baby Bear around 3 am. I set up all the bottles ready, I leave the changing mat in the middle of the living room complete with a nappy, wipes and nappy bag all ready to use and I place the TV remotes and my glasses on the end of the sofa so I can pop on a programme to alleviate the need to doze off.

NOTE: I know I should probably be gazing into Baby Bear’s eyes or something as he feeds but I tend to do that in the daytime… when it’s easier for me to keep my eyes open to fix his gaze and I’m not willing him to go back to sleep! Plus I read somewhere that it is always good to avoid eye contact with them at night time so that they don’t get encouraged to become too alert. 

– I had my first alcoholic beverages this week that I have had in months! A couple of glasses of Prosecco and a Rum and Coke were all practically inhaled. Was forced by decorum not to lick the glasses clean to be honest, it was that nice! Not meaning to sound like a lush, but I had missed the freedom to choose what I want, when I wanted it. I’m not a heavy drinker at all, but 8 months is a long time to go without. 
– I find it amazing that I am starting to interpret Baby Bear’s cries. I haven’t felt this proud since I got a grade ‘B’ in GCSE Spanish! To be fair, I am probably averaging around a C- if Baby Bear was to mark me on my translation. He got rather annoyed when I got confused between the ‘I want my dummy!! (or as we in our family call it, ‘nub nubs’) cry and the ‘I want my nappy changed!!’ shriek. The smell soon tipped me off. 
– Which again, is so weird because Baby’s nappies smell really kind of sweet! As in sugary. I swear I got a whiff of custard creams the other day. Granted, it certainly doesn’t look as appealing as a custard cream but even so, I was expecting something absolutely putrid! I believe that all happens once weaning starts though…. Yay. 
– It dawned on me that I no longer crave dish sponges or mangos anymore. What can I say? Pregnancy did weird things to me. 

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