My Pregnancy: Week 34


Hi Guys!

Am currently sat on the lap top with a baby’s bottom and feet stuck under my ribs, having a good shimmy about…. has anyone else ever been happy to put up with pain for something wonderful?? It really is a magical thing, totally worth feeling like you’ve been kicked by a runaway mule with hobnail boots on!

The weekend just gone was so much fun! We hosted our Baby Shower! Using the analogy of the event’s title, it was more like a Monsoon than a Shower really, haha! Loads of people came out to celebrate with us! I have spent the past few days coming off of a massive high from all the lovely comments and well wishes from everyone. So much love and support in one room can make you feel so lifted you can touch the sky…. completely made me forget about my back ache, puffy ankles and excessively rotund appearance!

I made my mind up months ago that I never wanted to be a ‘All eyes on me!’ Mummy to Be at the Shower, where people guess your bump measurement and have games where you ‘Guess the poo in the nappy!’ or ‘Pin the sperm on the egg!’. I can understand a lot of people love all that, but I get anxious if I am the main focus or go to events and get forced to participate in things I don’t like the sound of, and I didn’t want any of my guests to feel that way either. We held our equivalent of a British Bake Off, where people were invited to bake something for the day and then in turn all would vote for their favourite. The winner would receive a Gift Voucher as their prize and I also purchased a ‘Star Baker’ apron for the runner up! As a result, the baked goods served as our catering (as well as my sugar fix for the remainder of this week… SO MUCH CAKE!!) and it made such a lovely activity for everyone to get behind and make conversation about. We held a funny little quiz to bring the room together and make everyone chuckle a bit (much nicer than guessing jars of baby food… yeugh!) and there were a few little activities such as ‘The Late Night Nappy Stash’, where people could write a funny message to us on a nappy to help make those 4am nappy changes a bit more bearable, and we also provided Playdough and colouring books for the kiddies who came so that their parents could relax a bit and enjoy the party. Come to think of it… a fair few adults enjoyed playing on that table too in the end!

Just a small selection of the Bake Off entries….. 

We just wanted our Baby Shower to be a fun party where all our friends and family could come together for a big ole’ celebration and let us soak them all up before waddling off into the void of Parenthood. I say ‘OUR’ baby shower because that is exactly how I see it. It’s not all about me and baby… there is a third person in this team and Paulibear is every bit as important as I am. I do feel for Daddy’s out there sometimes, they can easily be forgotten as a bit of a spare part when actually, they are just as vital to everything as Mummies are. We even invited men to the Shower! How against tradition is that eh?! Naughty little rebels we are!

We just had the best time, and it will be a day that remains a firm favourite in the memory bank forever.

A little decoration I made for the day… these acted as little centre pieces for the tables.

* Just as a tip for anyone out there thinking of hosting Baby Showers: PINTEREST. Sooooo good for ideas and inspiration, plus how to do things on a budget. I originally wanted flowers but upon realising they are majorly expensive, I discovered these jars with rubber duckies on Pinterest and they set me back £11 altogether (I made 7 of them for the day) and actually got more compliments than the flowers ever could have. Plus, I now have a lifetime supply of rubber ducks and storage containers…. Result!


Additional information and discoveries from this week: 

-I discovered a vulval varicose vein. Apologies to anyone eating their dinner but this really is a common side effect yet I have never heard it mentioned except by one very brave and lovely friend of mine and I am so glad she did as I would have never guessed they happen! There literally isn’t a part of you that goes unaffected by this pregnancy malarkey…. which is both fascinating and completely soul destroying all at the same time! Please let it spring back into place when it is all over. 
-Same goes for piles… or hemorrhoids as they are formally known. Don’t be shy to speak about these things, they are scary and painful and uncomfortable and if you need to moan about them then bloody well do so! A cold compress helps by the way… very soothing. 
– Stretch watch shows no signs of change in the stretch mark stakes… for the better or the worse. 
– A baby’s head resting against your bladder is more than uncomfortable…. but you can’t find a better word to describe it for some reason?? 
– Hospital staff have a lot of difficulty communicating with one another. Am contemplating taking a dictaphone to appointments in future, saves me feeling like a parrot. 

Now… For the BIG news…. 


Anyone who knows myself and Paulibear know that we rarely have a dull moment in life. We actually get nervous when plans come together, checking over our shoulders for the candid camera and a game show host standing with an award for ‘most insane joke of the year’. 

Which is why the news we have to share won’t come as a shock to many… even though it did for us. 

We are being induced this Friday morning (May 8th) at 9am. Upon having a routine growth scan last week, it was discovered that my waters have had a slight rupture – so slight I had put the fluid down to bladder weakness, another delightful and common pregnancy side effect and all coincidentally coming from the same place as amniotic fluid does. Felt a complete bozo for not realising but it is extremely common apparently – and it was also discovered that Baby Bear is already weighing in at 7lb9oz. I was 7lb3oz at my birth weight, so to say my mind is boggled is an under estimation really. The sonographer and the Doctors and nurses all clapped me on the back for growing him so well but I must confess, I have no idea how I’ve done it. Must be all the dish sponges and mangos…

Anyway, upon being examined by the Doctor, it was discovered that my body has actually started preparing for labour naturally and after weighing up this fact along with the fluid depletion, Baby Bear’s healthy weight and how far along in my gestation we are, it was decided that there is no reason to prolong the inevitable. They gave me steroid injections to help his lungs prepare for coming out and by the time he gets here, we will be just about on the 36 week mark.

A mix of emotions have been gone through over the past few days. My month of leave to prepare for this moment has completely vanished… along with all my plans to see people, tie up loose ends with work and eat chocolate on the sofa in front of Doris Day movies. I now know roughly when I shall be hit with labour and where it shall take place… theoretically its like booking into a Holiday Inn but to be beaten up and stay with Doctors, Nurses and really bad food. I had my last week of work taken away, which most people would be emphatic about, but I love my work and the people I see on a daily basis. I know the last day Paulibear and I will be just us, noone else. We aim to spend it alone and are planning lunch or dinner at the place we had our first date. Ha! Sounds like we are going to the gallows doesn’t it? But I don’t mean it that way at all! On the flip side, I don’t have a month to build up the fear of labour, I haven’t had an emotional week waving off my clients and colleagues for the last time in a long while, I get to sleep on my front again sooner rather than later and most importantly, we get to meet our beautiful son early! We shall book in, be induced and all being well, have him with us by the end of the weekend. It is time to meet our Baby Bear. From the sounds of it (and the feel of his fidgeting bum under my ribs!), he really wants to be with us as well. 

So, wish us luck, strength and happiness. The next update will be slightly different, I have no doubt about that. 

Paulibear and I at the weekend hosting our baby shower. 


  1. May 6, 2015 / 9:04 pm

    <3 You guys are gonna be great! Can't wait to meet the little fella ^_^

    Seeing that table of cakes again is making me hungry.

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