My Pregnancy: Week 32


Hi Guys!

My goodness….. time really is flying by now! It feels like we have this mahooosive deadline looming up ahead, and every day we are striving to chip things off of an equally mahooosive ‘To Do List’. It is hard work (and I know so many who would chime in ‘The hard work is when the baby comes’ blah blah blah) but when I say hard work, I don’t mean it in a negative way. Hard work usually has the most satisfying results and with every tick off the list, myself and Paulibear feel a real sense of achievement…. and an overwhelming sense of relief!haha!

One major tick off the list this week was finally getting our buggy! I am SO excited to be able to take Baby Bear out for his first walk in it, I sometimes feel it’s little goals like that which will help keep me going through the hardships of labour. Even now, I picture us strolling through the sunshine and it makes me feel so fuzzy. I can’t wait!

Then again I probably can wait… Am more than likely kidding myself that the idea of a stroll will mean anything to me whilst my hoo har is being stretched out like some form of human spandex. But hey! A girl can be idealistic if she wants to be right?!

Anyway, getting back to our Buggy. We went for…….. *drum roll please!*………


Now… call me naive… but I really had no idea that the purchase of a buggy was so detailed and complex. I literally just thought ‘Hey, it has wheels and a seat, that’s the one’. Oh poor pregnant lady bear…. how mistaken. There are different wheel types each with different tyres or plastics, chassis (a term I hadn’t heard since my Design and Tech classes in school!), handle types, widths, heights, pulleys, buttons, levers, tabs, weights, colours, compatability…. the list is seriously, ENDLESS!! My head spun so much I worried I had blood pressure issues, then I realised I was just completely overwhelmed by it all. Paulibear spent a lot of time scratching his head and the pair of us wore permanent ‘Scared Rabbit’ expressions. 
So, when we entered the lovely shop Great Expectations in Brighton, I was so pleased to be greeted by friendly faced ladies who helped us step by step to understand the twists and turns of The Bumpy Road to Buggy! They instantly showed us the City Mini Baby Jogger, because (brace yourselves):
– It is light weight,
– Easy to manoeuvre
– Lasts them from birth to toddler
– Sturdy and durable
– Comfy to push with adjustable handle height
– Plastic wheels so no risk of punctures
– Big hood for good shade and water proofing
– Collapsible with one swift tug on a tag (no dreaded buttons and pulleys in sight!)
– It is a travel system, so we click our car seat on and are off and away!
Which brings me to the next part of the buggy purchase. We chose the Kiddy Carseat with the laying down extension included:
This works out perfectly because it functions as a carseat for our journeys, then we click it onto the Baby Jogger frame, push the handle back to extend the seat into a reclined position so that baby can lay flat and effectively treat the carseat as a carry cot. Cool huh?! You can keep babies in car seats for up to 2 hours, according to health and safety guidelines, however having the reclining option means we won’t have to worry about Baby Bear’s little back bones as much as if we didn’t have it. I love multi functional products!
It feels so good to finally have a plan in place, and as I say, the ladies in Great Expectations were so helpful and friendly. They didn’t instantly show us the most expensive brand in the shop, but actually prioritised our needs and wants over pricing. That is so refreshing! They are also holding our purchases for us until B-day, as I am slightly suspicious about having the buggy in the house before he gets here! 
It was especially nice to be treated so kindly as Sunday was a hormonal day, where I felt more like a subject from the Discovery Channel than a pregnant lady blooming to her fullest potential. I’d spent the week at work making everyone else a priority, fixing hair to look lovely and listening til my ears bled and talking til my voice cracked, before crawling home to rest bump and reserve just enough energy to start again the next day. I didn’t wash my hair all week, and makeup consisted of mascara and a lip stick… literally the bare minimum for me! Adding to my sadness of vanity, the dreaded stretch marks are on the up, still on the lower abdomen and symmetrical, making me look like Tony the Tiger has adopted me as his own personal scratching post!
But anyway, Sunday came. I spent a luxurious hour and a half exfoliating, de fluffing, washing, shampooing, cleansing and moisturising. I did my makeup meticulously, all bronzed and red lips, styled my hair to its fullest and shiniest and chose a white shirt dress to wear over jeans and sandals. Add oversized sunnies and as we set off on our Buggy Hunt journey, I felt more myself than I had for what felt like forever! We stopped off for a bite to eat at a Burger King drive thru (I know, I was waaaay over dressed!) and as we set off, I realised we hadn’t been given straws for our drinks. I resolved to carefully drink my Coca Cola freehand from the cup and was managing pretty well…. until Paulibear had to brake sharply at a junction about 5 mins down the road. 

It went everywhere. I had it all over my face, in my hair, down my white dress. And all I could do was sit and look at Paulibear in disbelief. He eventually sensed something was wrong and glanced over at me, offered me the only napkin we had left to try and mop it all up before enthusing that it was just a spilt drink and you could hardly tell. 

Lies! All lies! I looked like a swamp creature! And again, my brain parted into rational and irrational, one telling me it was just a spilt drink and not the end of the world, the other screaming in a tantrum that on the one day I manage to feel sassy and human, it lasts just half an hour before it literally gets dumped on! I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time and flitted between the two for the remainder of the journey. Paulibear even went as far as providing an alternative wardrobe as well as tipping his whole Fanta down his shirt on purpose as a show of solidarity…. and also a desperate attempt to prevent the threat of tears and encourage the happier alternative of laughter.

It worked, I did laugh. I still felt pretty cheated and sorry for myself, but I could definitely see the funny side. Especially now looking back, it’s hilarious! Mishaps like that really stick in the memory bank…. I doubt I would have remembered the day at all or even my outfit if nothing untoward had happened. 

Which is another reason I was grateful to the ladies at Great Expectations. They didn’t bat an eyelid when I walked into their shop with a soggy Paulibear (who incidentally, looked like he had wet himself and smelt of oranges) and myself looking rather glam/casual sporting over sized sunnies, red lipstick…. soggy jeans, sticky hair and Paul’s turquoise hoodie. Now THAT my friends, is TRUE professionalism! 


Additional information from the past week:
-We have been continuing preparations for our Baby Shower Celebration which is happening in a couple of weeks… eeek!
-Baby Bear’s room is just a couple of picture frames and a batch of baby coat hangers away from completion. And it looks fab!
-Baby Bear’s kicks are now squirms and jabs as he runs out of room a little more each day. He seems fine with it…. I however, am feeling the difference in a BIG way. Or atleast, my ribs are….
-I miss lace. I laid my nice bras out the other night and found myself talking to them about how much I miss them. I put them away again when I felt the tears welling up.
-I am in love with fizzy drinks! And ice chips! ….. When they aren’t cascading down my front.
-Paulibear not only made me laugh by drowning himself in Fanta this week, he also declared our buggy looks like a mobility scooter! It actually does in its red shade, which is why we opted for blue!
For more info on Great Expectations, check out there website here. This is not a sponsored post. 

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