My Pregnancy: Week 30

Hi Guys!

I simply can NOT believe that I am now in the 30’s of the weekly countdown to B-Day….. where the bleep has all that time gone??!

As with most things that have a deadline, the pressure is gradually building to have everything in ship shape for when baby bear makes his entrance. But, despite the growing pressure, I am trying to maintain a calm attitude and not get panicked about things. Ultimately, if he decided to arrive tomorrow, we have all we need and the rest is just negotiable. Why freak out and ruin the excitement of these last few weeks?

Not to mention, I have work to wind down before the big day, and that is taking up the most of my energy. Hairdressing is very physical work, and you don’t get very much quiet time either, so I have started to notice that each week seems a little bit more challenging than the last. Eating regularly, drinking lots of fluids and taking little rests every now and again help to keep me on track, and I actually think that in a way, standing up is more beneficial to my health and circulation than sitting or laying down. The key is just to maintain a good balance… which leaves me feeling like a little hippo on a tight rope!

The weekend brought about a little bit of drama, with myself having a coughing fit in the middle of town whilst running an errand, and then being led to believe I had wet myself! I managed to waddle back to the salon where I work and get to the bathroom, but to my shock I discovered I had actually had some light bleeding. Cue a panicked call to Paulibear – followed by a slightly calmer call to the hospital – followed by a surreal hour on the maternity triage ward, hooked up to a fetal heart monitor and all finished up with an internal exam that left me feeling like a mixture between a dilapidated frog and a trussed up chicken!

All was well. These things happen apparently and they had nothing to tell me apart from that baby bear was fine and happy. In a way it was quite nice to be able to hear his little heart beating away, and upon examination, the nurse felt her way around my mound of a tummy and showed me his feet below my ribs, the curve of his body around my left side, finishing up with his head down in the centre of my pelvis – she even managed to detect a little bit of his chin! OUR SON HAS A CHIN! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?

I must admit, I am rather chuffed to hear he is head down. She said his head was already a quarter engaged, which at this stage is really good. Let’s hope he stays there… I am rooting for as natural and straight forward a birth as humanly possible!

What really surprised me was the lack of human empathy that I experienced that afternoon at my work. I had a client due in at the same time I discovered my situation, and when I explained to her why I couldn’t do her hair and that it was indeed an emergency that was going to detain me from her appointment, she proceeded to look extremely put out, half heartedly asked if I was ok before then stepping up to the mirror before I could answer, fluffing her hair and launching into an explanation of how badly she needed it to be done?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???! It took all my strength not to launch her out of the window by her bad hair I can tell you. I am a human being, not a robot. Hair is not important when it comes to my health. I felt like offering to just shave her head but thought better of it. Thankfully she left when she saw my blank expression!

Alls well that ends well though. Main thing is, myself and baby bear are fine. Like I’ve said before, everything else is just fluff.


Spot the cat… and the box of tena lady in the bottom right! A girl can never be too prepared….

Additional information and findings from this week:

-We have SHELVES!!!! Fully functional, stable, up on the wall, painted to within an inch of their life shelves!!! They look amazing and I can’t tell you how nice it’s been to have one completed room. I shall be doing a blog post all about our DIY in the future, once baby bear’s room is finished. Paulibear worked his bum off to finish the shelves and did an amazing job on them, as did my Uncle for building them in the first place. I am one very pleased and grateful ladybear!
-Easter was spent with my family eating Roast Lamb and Easter Eggs. Separately of course…. my cravings aren’t THAT weird.
-Am still chewing on sponges…. and enjoying brushing my teeth…. and have also discovered that strong mint chewing gum makes me happy too. I have no idea why. 
-Paulibear copes with hospital stress by poking me, pressing buttons and moving the mechanised couch I am laying upon into different positions. He also makes me laugh which is the best distraction when worried sick. 
-My bump is itchy. All as a result of stretching to accommodate the growing person inside. I don’t mind, its just a little weird to be standing around randomly scratching ones tummy…… I really do appear to look like a bear then. Shall start scratching up against palm trees and singing bare necessities before I know it!
-Jokes about being big are a bit like dark chocolate. Initially good but then leaves a bitter taste. Depending on my mood, I can poke fun and giggle at my rotund appearance. But, when the laughter stops, and I am alone in front of the mirror…. I do get a little sad. Nothing is forever, and I know I can lose it and snap back into shape in the manner of an elastic band. But, for little moments, it does overwhelm me and I do find myself thinking ‘HOW IN THE HELL???’. Trust. That is all I can do. Trust my body, trust in mother nature, trust in health. At the end of the day, this rotund body of mine is doing an amazing thing and that outweighs the importance of a thousand clothes rails and full length mirrors. 

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