My Pregnancy: Week 29


Hi Guys!
This week started off relatively calm and full of purpose. I had goals. Those goals have now had their goal posts moved slightly and I am fine about it. Really…. I am…. Completely fine.
Ok, nope, not fine. This week I was hoping to be rid of the dreaded DIY curse that has descended onto our happy, little bear cave. Setting up a small room…. technically a walk in cupboard/closet…. and building then painting some fitted shelves in our living room both seemed like small, easy to achieve goals right?? Especially as it all started weeks ago, back in the second trimester. 
Cue both of us managing full time jobs, running errands, performing daily chores, getting baby sorted/organised and still maintaining the energy to watch a full episode of Masterchef every now and again, and that leaves little or no time for DIY. Then when we do actually find a day to tackle the beast, it takes soooooooo much longer than initially realised. Said small walk in cupboard/closet may be small but it is really TALL! Therefore it has high walls and ceilings that require a giant to reach them with a roller. Paulibear is technically a giant but even he needs a ladder…. a ladder I am technically forbidden to climb onto. And due to the massive bowling ball of a bump I know have, I am limited to how much bending/crouching/kneeling I can do which means I can literally paint about a 3.5 foot window worth of wall at best. Add delicate ‘cutting in’ techniques around shelves and skirting boards, small bits of wallpapering and a carpet to go down and I start to hyperventilate slightly. Not to mention the newly built shelves in the living room are MDF and we have learnt the hard way that an undercoat makes much quicker work than simply piling on layers of magnolia paint. DIY is hard people! 
I am still stubbing my toes on piles of books and have reached the point where I can’t tell them from the furniture in the flat. I haven’t seen the surface of my Laura Ashley sideboard for months now…. I’ve forgotten what it looks like. And it gets to the point where you are trying to do housework around mess. Which is so frustrating!! Everything is clean but still looks a mess??! It’s driving me mad!
Add on a heap of nesting hormones that are screaming at me like a drill sergeant to ‘Get ready!’ and ‘Get organised!!’ and I am literally twitching all the time. Its like a feeling of dread and panic in the pit of my stomach that is gradually getting bigger and bigger…. a volcano of irrationality and lack of perspective! Ultimately, there are people in this world who give birth and bring baby home to a shack and call it home. Why get so wound up over a pile of books and some walls?! 
I blame my pregnancy app. It gives me updates and information, sometimes guidelines on how to get ready for the task of parenthood. Usually these are very helpful and reassuring…. until this morning’s update told me to ‘start getting that hospital bag ready!’. Hospital bag??! WHAT?! I haven’t even got his room ready?! How can I even contemplate getting a bag ready. That is like, item 90985 on the list!
So… I have decided to step back and not sweat it. Perspective is key and I have to maintain it as much as I can. I still have 10 weeks (if I go to 40 weeks!) and I have to tackle one task at a time and just do as best I can. Main thing is healthy me and baby. Which is even more of a priority as I have started experiencing my first bit of fluid retention this week. It’s been quite a busy week without much rest time and boy, does it make a difference. Cue a puffy left foot and a lot of researching pre eclampsia along with panicked calls to friends, midwives and GPs. Thankfully everything is fine and it is just a case of resting my feet up as much as I can. But it is annoying. Rest up and live in a DIY black hole…. get moving and maintain business as usual attitude and our own version of Changing Rooms and risk feet like the elephant man. Tough call really. Am trying to aim for somewhere in between but it literally feels like trying to land a plane on a pound coin!
Oh well…. positivity is key! Am sure we will get everything done on time. If not, I shall be requiring a rather sizeable cork!

One big bump, plus slippers plus dishevelled background that signifies the DIY living state we are currently in!

Additional information for this past week:

-A lovely friend of mine gave us 2 MASSIVE bags of baby clothes to rifle through which was so generous and kind. Baby’s need a LOT of clothing! 
-My back hasn’t been quite as uncomfortable but has been replaced by restless leg syndrome. Its like they have a mind of their own! Can be sat on the sofa quite happily or about to sink into slumber and then ‘boff!’ my leg/s randomly kick out at any angle that suits. Its like my lower half has been possessed by some sort of epileptic demon. 
-My hair is so happy! I’m trying not to get attached to its glossyness and thickness as I know it shall desert me the moment I turn my head to motherhood but its just SO NICE! I’d hug it if I could!
-Paulibear went on the hunt for pudding the other night. A result of me watching the Come Dine with Me marathon and getting a desire for flaky pastry and custard. He tried two shops before recruiting the help of staff saying ‘I am looking for a dessert for a pregnant woman and need your help!’ and apparently all three members pitched in to find the best sweet treat option. Thank you Paulibear for caring enough to search high and low for Apple turnovers and icecream…. and thank you to the staff at Tesco’s that made the dream possible. 
-Last night was spent tossing and turning due to a very sore back and an upset tummy. I awoke at 4am feeling horribly nauseous and spent a very traumatic hour in the bathroom. Not sure if it was a tummy bug or just a certain baby bear using my stomach as a football but one thing is for sure…. it was not nice and today has been spent sleeping and drinking fluids!
-Speaking of digestion, I am still managing the dish sponge cravings and have allowed myself to just chew on them but not actually ingest the sponge. As you can see below…. I have been enjoying myself a lot with this compromise!

One munched on sponge!

-Fred the cat is still continuing to have much appreciation for my bump. I wake up every morning (and often times in the night) to find him snuggled around baby bear snoozing away. I’ve read that they are attracted to baby bumps because of the heat and vibrations they can sense. This pic is living proof and an example of just how much of an invasion of my own personal space I have on a daily basis! As if I mind anyway, its bloody lovely to be snuggled by a cat!

Bump hugger cat Fred!


As promised, now the dreaded stretch marks have surfaced I said I would keep an update for them. So far I have 2 of them, one either side of my lower abdomen and they are fairly symmetrical to be honest.  Have lapsed on applying cream. It feels so pointless, and DIY was far more important!

Actually…. may start applying polyfiller instead of moisturiser…. 

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