My Pregnancy: Week 28


Hi Guys!

Another week has flown by… and it is really dawning on me that the little fella flipping about in my tummy shall be making his way out of my tummy in around 10-12 weeks time! On the one hand that sounds like aaaaaaaages away. On the other, I am resisting the urge to panic and dash around bulk buying pampers and binge reading anything to do with birthing, parenting and surviving either one!

I’ve been focussing on maintaining a suitable work/life balance and it is actually harder to do than I thought. I have always been a grafter. I have even been called a workaholic in the past. 10 – 12 hours a day never used to phase me and over the years of my career, I have built up a mobile hairdressing business from scratch, managed a large client list and currently work as both a mobile and a salon stylist along side holding a part time job as a social media assistant for a local Wedding Hair and Makeup brand. Pregnancy is now forcing me to make changes and realise the limits that growing a little person is creating for my body. As a result I am gradually relaxing my hectic mobile schedule and focussing on creating down time for me to rest my very achey back and get some key errands taken care of in a relaxed way as opposed to buzzing about like some deranged busy bee! It’s quite strange to have more down time and I do keep getting quietly panicked about becoming a lazy sofa blob but after a rational talk with myself, I realise that there is nothing lazy about me. In a funny way, pregnancy has made life busier than ever!

Our DIY projects are still on going and I am sure that once they have been completed I shall feel a lot more organised. Living with piles of books, Paulibear’s lego creations and various bits and bobs balanced precariously on any available surface while we wait to find the time to paint our newly built shelves has been pretty fun…. NOT. You realise how big your bump is when you knock over a pile of books, a Star Wars X wing lego model and a boxed collectable Spiderman version of Mr Potatohead on the way to the loo at 3.45am! Cue lots of cursing, sorely bashed toes and dreams of organisation and calm.

Trips to the bathroom have become an almost absent minded activity during the day and night now. I honestly think that if I could fit a fridge, sofa bed and tv in the bathroom, that would be my every need catered for during pregnancy. Was actually considering acquiring a commode, if it wasn’t for 1) my pride and 2) the fact that no interior has ever been positively enhanced by the use of one in a room. Not to mention, I pee so bloody much, the stupid thing would need emptying on as much of a regular basis as me actually waddling to the loo! As you can tell… I have given this very lengthy consideration.

My bladder has the worst timing as well. I will be in the middle or about to start someone’s hair cut and suddenly, I just HAVE TO GO! I’ve apologised to client’s so many times for having to absent myself during their appointments, I’m beginning to think I may need a written disclaimer framed above my station: ‘MAY NEED TO PEE DURING SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT. SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE CAUSED’.

The worst bit is the embarrassing strain on one’s pelvic floor muscles. I am always trying to strengthen mine and always thought that I was pretty set on that front but at the moment, if I cough, sneeze or laugh at the wrong point in time, I literally leak and need to reach for clean pants and the Tena lady (what? This happens people, there’s no point pretending it doesn’t… life isn’t always glamorously perfect). I was aware of this happening AFTER birth…… but BEFORE??!!! Apparently, its due to the weight gain of pregnancy and baby resting on the bladder. Trust Baby Bear to treat mine as a bouncy castle! Sciatica has also been making this week a fun one… I have sat, laid, crouched, perched, squatted, crawled and wriggled my way all over the flat and have not been able to get comfortable at all. Its not excruciating but my goodness is it uncomfortable…. like a little niggly pressure pain that won’t let up. Hot water bottle is my best friend right now…. and my trusty pregnancy pillow. I look like a crazy lady of a night time, straddling the pregnancy pillow with a hot water bottle nestled against my bum cheeks! So classy…

I just laugh at it all. What’s the point of getting down in the dumps at a symptom of pregnancy? I think its all bloody marvellous really. Every step of this journey so far has been fascinating and I am blessed to be able to travel the road. And as I have said, Baby Bear is totally worth it. Bring it on incontinence and sciatica! You don’t phase me in the slightest.


Bump + cat = happy me 🙂 

Additional information and musings from this week:

-Still want to eat dish sponges….. Still resisting it. We are now using bristle brushes and a dish cloth to wash up in order to help my resolve.

-I purchased a maternity swim suit so I can attend aqua natal classes and go swimming regularly to help my back muscles out. Still yet to try it on. Am a little bit scared of it to be honest…. why is everything in maternity either ruched or frumpy?? Maybe it will look nicer on than off. Am taking my Mum with me this evening for my first swimming attempt. Both for company to take my mind off of resembling some sort of Walrus, plus for support in case trying to get out of the pool with a massive bump renders me helpless and I start flailing about, again like said Walrus. Maybe we should pack a winch…. 
-I have been craving a Margherita cocktail the size of my head this week. May google non alcoholic version. 
-I have two very small stretchmarks on my lower abdomen. This annoys me. Greatly. Shall now start new feature on the blog each week called ‘Stretch Watch’. 
-Our midwife check up this week went really well, bump is measuring in range and we had another little listen to Baby Bear’s heart beat. All happy and bomping away at a happy 152 beats per minute…. along with a cute bout of hiccups! Apparently he must have guzzled the amniotic fluid a bit too quickly. Just like his father, who is also guilty of eating and drinking too quickly! 

** It was also our 3 year anniversary this week too! We had a chilled out time, going out for a really yummy lunch at an American style Diner before coming home for a nap and an evening watching movies, snuggled up on the sofa. We agreed on a no fuss approach to cards and presents as we are saving for baby expenses, but I cheated and got Paulibear a card, and he cheated even more and treated me to a new foot spa to help soothe my achey feet! Love that bear of mine 🙂 **

Our first official picture, taken the night we got together….. AWWWWWW!!

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