My Pregnancy: Week 27


Hi Guys!

This week has been a series of highs and lows… and it struck me that I have literally embodied all of the seven dwarfs from Snow White so thought it would be fun to use that as this week’s blog template. Keep reading, you’ll understand…..


I have been a tad Grumpy… due to the complete lack of sleep brought about by the fact I CANNOT GET BLOODY COMFORTABLE!!! I have a plethora of pillows surrounding me, a support bra, loose fitting pjs and a relaxing bath time routine that should have me slipping into slumber of a night time with no more than a blink. BUT. Combine 2 cats, a 6 feet 4 Paulibear, a growing baby and a pressurised bladder and you have interrupted sleep and a Grumpy me. Not horrendously grumpy, just a bit ranty and short of fuse. Still, all good practice for a few months time…. Sleep deprivation is inevitable!


 As a result of the sleepless nights…. I have been channelling Sleepy quite a bit this week too. Yawn, yawn yawn… left, right and centre! As hard as I have found it to slumber on through a night time, around 3pm every day I have been hit by ‘need of nap’ syndrome and it has taken the strength of wild horses not to curl up on any free surface and catch some zzzzz’s. Even the pavement look cushy at times!


I am still fighting off the remnants of my cold virus from the week before last so I have had a couple of sneezing fits….. which are harmless in themselves but couple it up with copious amounts of snot and a bladder that has been being used as a cushion for a growing baby and it’s suffice to say that I no longer enjoy a good sneeze. I actually try to hold them in which results in me choking on them and looking like I am having some form of seizure. I have also managed to work my way through a 12 pack of loo roll in just a week…. TIP: Consider shares in Andrex or Cushelle…. you’ll make a fortune!


It was Mother’s Day on Sunday and I had a lovely time spoiling my Mum. It hit me that this year was the last year where I could just focus on her as all the years after we shall now be sharing the title of ‘Mum’ and the fuss of Mother’s Day.  Paulibear did write me a lovely card which made me giggle and it made me happy to think I am already a Mummy really. I was excited to spend the day just focussed on my Mum though, and I made sure to arrive at her house early so we could have the most time possible. I gave her a ‘Reasons Why I Love You’ jar filled with little notes, each one with a written message depicting a reason I love her. A bunch of daffodils, a bookmark and some perfume finished off the gift giving and she cried twice bless her… I know it’s always a success if she gets tearful! 

I have been so Dopey this week. I have dropped things, knocked stuff over, tripped up over my own feet and lost things as soon as I have put them down. We spent 15 minutes looking for my mobile phone and it was under a cushion?? How? Why? 
I have a theory that I have been tripping over my feet due to the fact that I can’t actually see them anymore. It is hard to use limbs if you can’t see them! I’ve dropped everything at least twice before successfully using them and man am I feeling the effects! You certainly notice how much you have to stoop to pick things up when you have a bowling ball permanently welded to your front. 

I have felt like a Doctor this week. More like a therapist I’d say. I had a few client’s who came in for hair cuts and in fact needed a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Being a hairdresser sometimes requires more than a comb and scissors. I don’t mind in the slightest though, if anything, I feel touched and humbled that people feel comfortable enough to turn to me for comfort. Having a person come in with the world on their shoulders and then having them leave looking and feeling lighter and brighter is a wonderful thing to be a part of. It’s one of the many reasons I love my job. 

Additional information from this week:

-Am still in love with mango but have also been enjoying the joys of the cereal Wheetos. So much so I was willing to pull my back out reaching for the box on top of the cupboard…. that is dedication for you! 
-Paulibear cut my toenails for me because I can no longer reach my feet. That, right there, is what true love is all about!
-Primark renders me impervious to pelvic girdle pain. Mostly due to it’s distractions of affordable clothing and home ware bits.
-My bath sheet towel no longer wraps round me as generously as it once did. I think I may have to just use a regular sheet after bath time…. maybe even a curtain. Or a boat sail.
-I gave into my washing up sponge craving and nibbled the corner off of one. It felt so good! Like scratching an itch that had been there for a whole week! Don’t judge me ok? I am growing a human….
-Fred the cat has absolutely no comprehension of how to treat a baby bump. He insists on walking/climbing/laying all over it and acts hurt when I take him off. Have a feeling he won’t be so keen to walk/climb/ lay all over Baby Bear when he is out though…. haha!

*** I would like to dedicate this post to a dear friend of mine who passed away peacefully yet unexpectedly last Friday afternoon. Andy (or Dusty as I knew him from his days as the fabulous drag queen Dusty Diamond) was as good as family, and I am so sad he is no longer with us. He was a gentle soul who had the best sense of humour and an unbelievably sharp wit! He read my blogs and musings so I know he will still see this and have a chuckle. Gone but most definitely not forgotten. With love from Lu (little sis) xxx *** 

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