My Pregnancy: Week 26


Hi Guys!

This week’s post is going up a day late as I have spent the past 5 days laid up with a bad cold.

Colds are just horrible aren’t they? So, they aren’t life threatening and are commonly referred to as ‘just a cold’ but I hate them. They make you feel absolutely rotten, leave you feeling like a rung out hanky and serve no purpose whatsoever…. except perhaps to keep Kleenex and Olbas Oil in production?

There I was, all chuffed at avoiding all the nasty bugs and flus that have been making the rounds this past winter, openly congratulating my immunity on doing such a fine job at keeping me and bump protected. Well, a germ somewhere obviously heard me and decided to teach me a lesson….. ungracious little squirt.

I am not someone who ‘soldiers’ on with a cold. I don’t do ‘just getting on with it’. I prefer to rest up, not pass it on to other people and sleep it off…. more so than ever at the moment because of being pregnant. So, the majority of the past week has been spent sleeping, hugging the cats (who have taken it in turns to curl round bump both day and night) and amusing myself by watching all the kicks and bomps that Baby Bear has been making in my tummy.

Being kicked by your growing baby is one of the most amazing, precious yet strangest things ever. It hasn’t been painful yet…. at the very most it is uncomfortable if he lands a bomp in my bladder or lodges against my ribs for too long. It mostly just feels like I have a belly full of eels…. or big bubbles of air that are popping all over the place. I’m sure in a few weeks the sensations will be even stronger, especially when it gets to the point where he can barely budge anywhere. When I gently press around I can feel harder areas in places, then soft squidgy bits and occasionally little rounded lumps which could be hands or feet. He fidgets a lot though and always keeps me guessing about which way he is lying… its like our own little version of hide and seek!


Additional information from this week:

-An obstetrics appointment with an extremely soft spoken and seemingly confused Russian Doctor informed us that my GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) results were all fine, meaning that Baby Bear is just a big baby and I am not diabetic or anything. We’ll be heading back for another growth scan at 32 weeks to monitor just how big he is going to be….
-Confirmation that I am predicted to have a big baby has left me – and my vagina – just a little bit daunted. Have been in high spirits about it, even jovial I’d say…. but the realisation hit me in the Doctor’s office, especially when she looked at me with pity. 
-Have decided to acquire one of those big, bouncy gym ball thingys…. anything to help limber up right? May even look out for a leather strap to bite down on…. *gulp*
-Discovered through some generous friends that there are such things as labour pants… made me chuckle and from the sound of things, they are going to be very useful!
-My bump is huge. I look like I have swallowed a globe. 
-My back looks like a question mark and my ribs feel like Mike Tyson has practised on them. Blowing one’s nose all week with loose ligaments has been an experience.
-I found myself wanting to eat a sponge the other night. Not the cake kind…  I mean literally a scouring sponge. Apparently, during pregnancy your hormones can make you react to certain textures and for some reason, the scouring sponge made my mouth water. Weird…. no other word for it. 
NOTE: I did not eat my scouring sponge. I merely drooled over it and then walked away and talked it out with Paulibear. Think we may need to switch to dish cloths for the foreseeable future. 


  1. March 11, 2015 / 9:42 pm

    …You're weird 😛 Must be why you're a Misft 😉

    Bump is looking super cute!! <3

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