My Pregnancy: Week 25


Hi Guys!

Is it me or are the weeks flying by??! No panic…. er…. no… panic…. *rocks to and fro*

All jokes aside, this week has definitely zoomed by but that’s what happens when you are busy and having fun. Not sure some of my nearest and dearest would agree with me, but I really had fun this week.

Back in January, we asked for my Father in Law Steve and his wife Tracy to come and help us start the process of transforming our walk in cupboard into a storage room for Baby Bear. The past weekend was settled upon as ‘the date!’ and they both arrived early on Saturday morning, tool kit in hand. The first part of the day went smoothly enough, ripping out an existing work bench and setting off to B&Q to get materials…. we even managed to get a great piece of carpet for £15 in Carpet Right!

Carpet and Superheroes!

The fun began in the afternoon, when poor Steve spent 5 hours drilling brackets for shelving…. into a brick wall. The resistance was ridiculous, and tiring… there was a lot of measuring and sawing and an issue with wall plugs that I will not go into but there are SO many different types for different walls and until Saturday, I had never even heard of a wall plug let alone bought some?! My DIY reaches as far as hanging pictures and occasionally grappling with flat packs. Anyhow, Steve was a complete trooper, as was Paulibear, and the pair finished up at 11 at night! Tracy and I helped where we could, made drinks and moved anything we could that wasn’t being sawn up or screwed down. It was a lot of hard work, for the guys especially, but the amount they achieved was amazing! It was also nice to see them and catch up and we had quite a lot of giggles in the mix of all the stress and strain. Have a feeling that Steve was a bit achey on the Sunday though…. bless that man!

Talking of achey…. my lower back, ribs and hips have been aching this week. Not to the point of paralysis, but I feel a bit like the tin man in The Wizard of Oz. I walk like a lego person, no joke…. especially in the early mornings and late evenings. I keep thinking about taking paracetamol but whenever I do, it doesn’t really have much of an effect so I prefer to just get on with it really. Warm baths, a back rub from Paulibear and a strategic placement of pillows seems to help eventually. I’m getting a regular professional massage and ultimately, I am carrying a growing human, this stuff is gonna happen. He’ll be worth it… he already is to be honest.


Added extra information:

– Had my GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) yesterday at the hospital. This is to rule out risk of gestational diabetes and mine was brought forward as Baby Bear is measuring quite big in there, despite my bump being in range. The test isn’t fun or pleasant. They take your blood and make you drink a sugar solution, then you sit and wait for 2 hours and they take more blood again. Sounds simple, but my veins are very deep and uncooperative. I came out covered in bruises, swelling and bandages and now have a slush puppy blue bruise on my inner elbow that is making typing hurt! Still, needs must and I appreciate that I am healthy and don;t have to face needles everyday. Bless the people that do. 
– Mango is still an obsession. As is any fruit. 
– I am working on a little project for the Baby Room. It involves patience, time and a lot of effort but am getting there slowly but surely. Can’t wait for it to all be done! Shall keep you all posted. 
– Project Baby Shower is finally on a roll, we have found a venue and are in the process of creating an official invite. Very exciting! 

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