Little Booties and a Crochet Blanket!

Hi Guys!

I had to share these little beauties with you as they are so damn cute, it would be sad to over look them…. especially when in another post I raved about the hilarity of a turtle on a baby grow… haha! Still gets me giggling, go figure?! As a disclaimer, I am always grateful for any gifts I receive, be them home made or shop bought. This is simply a post dedicated to a couple of bits that two people were sweet enough to make us.

Home made, hand crafted stuff is awesome isn’t it? Baking, paintings, pottery, sewing, knitting, crocheting….. you name it, as an artistic nature, it all just makes sense to me and I love the personal touch. So, as I said, we received a couple of home made gifts from some friends and I wanted to show them as they are so lovely and special. Baby Bear is going to be one happy little guy!

First up is this gorgeous crochet blanket from our family friend Jo. The colours are beautiful and I am so grateful to Jo for making something so pretty yet practical. Crochet has always appealed to me as a style of craft, but I have never actually tried it out as it looks so complicated and fiddly that I feel daunted before I even start. Jo managed to finish this in just a matter of weeks I think… what can I say, the lady is a pro! The greatest thing about it, despite the hand crafted-ness and the lovely colours (which were chosen before we even found out bump is a boy, well done Jo!) is that the wool is both cool in the summer and warm in the winter, therefore can be used all year round. Result!

And next up are a pair of little things that has made everyone who has seen them melt inside. Knitted booties are seen by some as dated and ugly, but I love them. They are a testament to someone’s skill, time and effort, all made with love and well wishes and I think they epitomise cuteness and all things baby and dinky. My client and good friend Maureen knitted me these in just 3 days (wow?!) and I got tearful when she presented them to me at our appointment last week. I joked they would probably fit him now as his scan pictures show such big feet already, but I am sure they will work a treat when he gets here. He will be being born in the summer, but babies do lose heat very quickly and these will keep his feet nice and toasty….. plus they will look adorable too!

Home made gifts like these stand the test of time, can be re-used down the line and gather much sentimental value along the way. I’m excited to use them now, and in years to come, they will be reminders of a magical time in my life. I’m certain that I will bore Baby Bear with the nostalgia many a time…. I can just picture him rolling his eyes at me now!

What do you think of these little offerings? Do you like any arts and crafts?

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